10 More Quick and Simple SEO Tips for SMEs

We understand that it takes time to build up knowledge and experience to break down some of the complex barriers that sometimes seem impenetrable.

10 More Quick and Simple SEO Tips for SMEs

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Sharing our knowledge is important to us, and so here are 10 more tips to help you keep on top of your SEO strategy for your SME.

1. Ensure You Fully Understand What Your Agency Is Doing

You need to know that they aren’t damaging your SEO strategies by undertaking risky link-building techniques.

2. Explore Industry Developments

Experienced teams at every high-quality SEO agency in Dublin, such as http://www.rycomarketing.ie/search-engine-optimisation-seo.html, know how quickly new developments occur in the world of search engine optimisation. You need to make sure you aren’t violating any of Google’s terms and conditions to ensure your website is performing as well as it possibly can.

3. Social Media and Email Lists

Google is a powerful tool that you should be utilising, but it’s important to branch out and build your social media following and email database as well.

4. Content Is King

Ranking highly for key terms will come from effectively incorporating them into your website’s content, and setting up a dedicated blog can be enormously helpful in building a community and communicating what your product or service has to offer.

5. Update Your Content Regularly

Implementing a schedule will ensure your audience knows when to expect new content from you, which will establish high levels of trust because they will understand that you’re reliable and full of helpful and valuable information.

10 More Quick and Simple SEO Tips for SMEs2

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6. There Is Such a Thing as Too Many Keywords

Avoid the temptation to pack them into your content.

7. Evergreen Content

Remaining relevant for a longer period of time, evergreen content, which is described in detail in this Search Engine Watch article, will provide sustained levels of traffic and engagement.

8. URLs

Your audience should gain an understanding of what they can expect from the URL.

9. Link Internally

Internal links will help your visitors and search engines to navigate through your content rationally and efficiently.

10. Use Your Search Data

Take time to review the search terms your visitors are entering to reach your website. It may highlight keywords that you can utilise within your PPC or SEO strategies.

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