4 More Good Reasons to Use a Property Management Company

People seek expert advice and assistance from those with specialist knowledge regularly, and help in managing their rental property or portfolio is no exception. For some, it’s the day-to-day admin and upkeep that are important. For others, their motivation is more around the tenants themselves.

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1. Recruitment

Getting the right tenants in the property in the first instance can make a huge impact on the amount of work subsequently required during the tenancy. Good tenants will cause fewer issues, including damage, and they won’t need chasing for rent arrears. A good property management business will have a screening process in place that is tried and tested.

2. Close the Gap

When there is a change of tenant, having a property manager at your disposal will help with all the associated tasks to minimise the period the property is vacant. This could include knowing which cosmetic updates are required and getting them done, setting the rent at the right rate and marketing the property in the right places.

3. In It for the Long Haul

A longer lease is often a good thing because the bills associated with a change of tenant are reduced: changing locks, deep cleans, redecoration and so on. Of course, there are also costs associated with finding new tenants and marketing the property. A good property management company like https://www.completepropertygroup.co.uk/property-block-and-estate-management/ will be able to arrange all work on your behalf, but they can also screen tenants for those looking for longer leases at the outset, and have a programme of retention too.

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4. It’s Personal

The final reason is more personal: it takes the pressure off you. Taking on a property manager will mean you don’t have the midnight emergencies, the paperwork and the tricky conversations like evicting tenants. You can live hundreds of miles away from the property and travel as often as you like knowing that your investment is in safe hands.

If you are a landlord, it is definitely worth considering property management. Do It Yourself talks through in more detail some of the pros and cons of instructing a Cheltenham property management company.

And of course, just like the tenancy, any agreement you make is not forever, so if you change your mind, change your arrangement too.

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