5 Tips to Boost Your Online Business This Summer

Summer is usually a time when traffic generally decreases and sales in particular in some businesses, but not in others. It depends on the seasonality of our product. However, it is usually normal for visits to your website to decrease and you find that there are fewer sales and conversions, since your audience is not thinking about buying, but going to the beach and being on vacation.

This season of lower sales and results is the ideal time to prepare the strategy for the coming course, focusing your effort also to minimize the drop in sales during the summer through activities that encourage the growth of your business.

Let’s look at some ideas that you can start implementing if you want to boost your online business this summer, even though visits to your website have decreased.

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1. Try to increase conversions

Many users are just waiting for the drop in web traffic, but the truth is that that should not necessarily imply a problem when your conversion rate is maintained. Although of course, it is necessary that there is a minimum of traffic to get conversions, there are webs that do not have visits that are too high but that get excellent conversion results.

Take advantage now to focus more on increasing the number of conversions among visitors who keep coming to your website. For example, by making discounts or special offers during the month of August, which will help you to compensate for the drop in sales due to the drop in traffic.

5 Tips to Boost Your Online Business This Summer1

2. Optimize your campaigns in Google Adwords

Any time of the year is good for trying to optimize the campaigns in Google Adwords, but especially when you need to compensate for a drop in organic traffic. If you need visitors, take the time to invest more in your Google Adwords campaign. It will allow you to get more traffic than you received so far because of the drop in traffic, but via paid traffic.

An important point here is to be clear that Adwords is not simply to give you visits but to generate conversions: both in sales and in subscriptions to your newsletter. Therefore, try to focus your campaign always on increasing sales of products that may have to do with the summer, or the discount or special offer you make during these months. In fact, you can refer to the summer in the texts of your ads as a claim.

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3. Make sure your audience has more free time

Against the idea that summer is a bad time to interact with your audience, think that it is also a time when many people are on vacation. That means they have more time, and although they may not make a purchase, it is an ideal time to improve the engagement of your company.

For example, you can give away an ebook taking advantage that there is always someone who takes the time to read books. You can also create a special newsletter or take any action aimed at trying to get your audience to interact more with you.

5 Tips to Boost Your Online Business This Summer2

4. Write on other blogs

Successful blogs also go on vacation, but they do not stop publishing. Summer can be a good time to try writing articles as a guest on important blogs that during the summer write less and give different authors a chance to explain their ideas and share them with a segmented and high-value audience.

Writing on other blogs does not mean that you have to spam. It is about positioning yourself as an expert on a topic so that people will see you and know you. In fact, you do not even need to enter a link to your website integrated into the article, so sometimes a bit forced. Just put the link in your author bio. What is important is that your article is dazzling so that the reader really bites the curiosity to know more about you.

5 Tips to Boost Your Online Business This Summer

5. Analyze your results in Google Analytics

It is true that we should analyze our results in Google Analytics periodically, but if you have free time during this month of August, try to go a little further and try to create reports and analyze in a more detailed way all the information Offers you this great tool. It will help you get a broader view of your business, which will allow you to re-focus your strategy if you think you were doing something wrong or you were not getting the results you hoped for.

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Indefinite accounts, make the summer and the month of August your ally to try to make your internet business grow, taking into account the advice that we have indicated. We would like you to comment on this article what is going on in your business during the summer and any other idea you have to boost your business in these summer months.

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