Business Plan: How To Deal With Printing On Ceramics

Business Plan: How To Deal With Printing On Ceramics

A large number of people want to decorate their interior with something unique. However, the modern market in most cases can not offer exclusive products. Therefore, many people try to find some design solutions themselves, for example, by applying photo printing on ceramics.

However, not many realize that creating an exclusively decorated ceramics can make a very good profit. To do this, you only need to think through all the nuances of a successful business idea, purchase the appropriate equipment and start producing photoceramics for the needs of potential buyers. The only thing that will be required to implement such a business at the initial stage, besides the desire and equipment – is a quality advertising company.Business Plan: How To Deal With Printing On Ceramics

Filling the market with this product

Studies in this area show that, despite the fact that today there are a huge number of large enterprises producing ceramic products, enterprises engaged in individual or exclusive orders are so small that the demand considerably exceeds the supply. It is logical to assume that the almost complete absence of competition in this area will make it very good to earn in this business. And you can start with the opening of your small enterprise, which can be organized at home.

To open a mini-production, you first need to register it. The enterprise can be formalized as an IP, which will allow not only to simplify registration but, in consequence, to save on taxes.

Alternatively, you can open your own LLC. This method is more suitable if it is planned to hire a significant number of personnel, as well as to create more comfortable conditions when concluding contracts with legal entities.

Business Plan: How To Deal With Printing On Ceramics

The technology of drawing an image on a tile

The process of applying an image to a ceramic tile is as follows

  • A layer of special lacquer (precoat) is applied to the cleaned surface.
  • The surface dries for 3 minutes.
  • Using a special printer, for three to four minutes, a pattern is applied to the tile.
  • For ten minutes, the tile dries at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius in a special cabinet.

On average, the production of 1 square meter of tiles in standard sizes takes about an hour, including processing the pattern. In the event that it is planned to open a small production, then such work can be fully performed on its own. When organizing a larger production, several employees should be hired, who can be trained in this special training course.

Business Plan: How To Deal With Printing On Ceramics

Equipment for printing on ceramics surface

To open a business for printing on ceramics, the following equipment will be required:

  • A special printer costing from 4,000 dollars
  • A computer with the necessary graphics editor installed on it Spray gun
  • The special cabinet where the drying of products with the drawings just put on them will take place
  • Necessary containers for storage

In case of opening of large-scale production, all necessary equipment can be leased.

There are several types of printers required for this production, which differ in their functions and capabilities. The most common are PC series printers, which, depending on the configurations, allow printing on ceramics any color (* PC2) surface or only on white ceramics (PC3, PC4).

The necessary ink will cost about 825 dollars (6 liters of different colors). The three-liter capacity of varnish (precoat) will cost about 160 dollars. The given volumes will suffice approximately on 400 square meters of a tile. A special drying cabinet that can work around the clock, for example, the model SHS-40, will cost about 520 dollars.

Business Plan: How To Deal With Printing On Ceramics

Financial plan and money search

Before buying the necessary equipment and materials, it will be necessary to draw up a business plan. consider the most important of its components

Taking into account the eight-hour working day and the five-day working week, at a productivity of 1 square meter of tile for two hours of work, it can be calculated that the monthly operating time will be 88 square meters. The wholesale price for 1 square meter of tiles is 30 dollars. Consequently, the monthly revenue will be 2500 dollars.

Expenses include:

  • Rent a room (if necessary).
  • Payment for electricity.
  • Equipment maintenance fee

It should be remembered that it will not be necessary to purchase the tile directly, in view of the fact that the customer will provide it. At the same time, approximately 75 ml of lacquer and 15 ml of paint are consumed per 1 square meter of the tile.

From this, it follows that the payback of the project will be about 4 months.

The necessary funding for the opening of production can be obtained, for example, by taking a loan from a bank.

Business Plan: How To Deal With Printing On Ceramics

Sales market and advertising companies

We define the circle of potential customers:

  • Companies that specialize in the repair and decoration of apartments.
  • People involved in the repair.
  • various companies engaged in construction.

To promote your product, it’s easiest to contact a proven advertising agency. In addition, you can participate in fairs and exhibitions held in your village. It is not superfluous to create a website with a full list of services offered and visual samples of products. You can also place your ads in newspapers and on billboards.

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