Casual Dining Trends That Restaurateurs Need to Know

The old adage of ‘if you don’t do it, someone else will and then you’ll lose out’ has always been true in the hospitality industry. Restaurateurs always need to keep abreast of the latest trends, and with the UK food-service sector set to grow by over £10 billion by 2019, keeping up to date with what’s hot is an essential part of staying in business.

Casual Dining Trends That Restaurateurs Need to Know

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When it comes to casual dining trends, these are the ones that restaurateurs need to keep their eye on.

Sugar Cravings

Despite the trend for healthy food, it seems that sugar cravings are here to stay and that restaurant and fast food outlets that serve sweet treats or decadent desserts are doing well with those people who enjoy something a little more indulgent. The trend seems to be for more elaborate sugary treats, and over-the-top creations are now all the rage, despite being bad for our waistlines.

Going Veggie

The demand for vegetarian food is on the rise, and for vegetarians the days of not being able to grab a quick bite on the go are long gone. Entire restaurants catering to vegetarians have spring up, and any savvy restaurateur knows that they have to cater to this growing and very popular market.

Pizza and Pubs

A large portion of growth in the food industry is from the pizza, pub and coffee shop sector, and it seems that offering quick and tasty food is the answer. A restaurant doesn’t need to serve elaborate meals, but it should be equipped with commercial ovens such as those available at in order to create simple but tasty dishes.

Demand for Quality

Although eating out is on the rise and the demand for casual eateries is growing all the time, restaurateurs must remember that quality is in style. Diners may be in a hurry or grabbing a bite to take away, but they still want to enjoy fresh delicious food. Great-tasting food that’s well presented is always a winner, and packaging also plays a huge role in attracting and retaining a customer. It seems as though exotic dishes, while still on the menu, are not as on trend as the staples, and when done well, pizza, burgers, doughnuts, juices and smoothies are what people really want to enjoy.

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