How To Choose The Right Staff In A Cafe And Restaurant?

How To Choose The Right Staff In A Cafe And Restaurant?

When opening the first restaurant, be patient, because you have to find an interesting, but not always an easy process for finding the right staff. Moreover, you will have to hire several people with different qualifications.

To learn how to correctly select the right staff in cafes and restaurants, You need to follow some tips and analyze a number of nuances.

How To Choose The Right Staff In A Cafe And Restaurant?

Why right staff is needed for a restaurant?

First, you need to decide on the necessary right staff for a restaurant or cafe. This is about:

  • Barman, assistant bartender, barista. For small establishments will be enough bartender. With a large attendance or in the presence of a large assortment of drinks, it is recommended to separate duties.
  • The waiter. In this case, their number must be determined, given the attendance of the institution. Usually, the staff serves no more than 15 guests.
  • Insufficiently large establishments metrodotel additionally hired. His main responsibilities are to attract customers, take the first orders and coordinate the work of the staff. If there are several halls, there should be several metro facilities.
  • He is engaged in an account statement. There are places in which this work is done by the bartenders or the waiters themselves.
  • The manager (manager) of the restaurant. In general, controls the work of right staff. Depending on the presence of other employees, it can create a menu, solve organizational issues, select personnel and determine the work schedule.

You will also need to hire a chef who creates a common taste repertoire of the institution. This person will be engaged in the compilation of the menu, the development of recipes and technical maps of new dishes. Among other things, he is engaged in the purchase of the necessary products and equipment, trains the staff, monitors his work, and also personally prepares author’s dishes.

The chef will have to recruit people to his team. Their number will depend on the attendance of the institution and how many people it accommodates. For example, 10 cooks will be enough for establishments with 100 visitors, and 3 will be enough for small cafes.

How To Choose The Right Staff In A Cafe And Restaurant?

What are the most important job positions?

It is imperative to carefully read the concept of the institution before determining the necessary key positions. For example, in the restaurants of elite cuisine, chefs and chefs who prepare sauces are very necessary. For fast-food outlets, you need someone who takes orders and grills food. In addition, you should definitely consider the position of people who are in direct contact with customers. In case of hiring a friendly, attentive and helpful staff, it will turn out to form the “face” of the establishment and leave only positive impressions in the memory of visitors.

How many people to hire?

Before hiring employees, you also need to make sure that you know exactly how many people are required. Ideal – hiring first a few people. If they do not have time to cope with the responsibilities, then immediately you can take a couple more employees. To accurately determine the required amount, you must:

  • Count the tables and seats. By determining the number of tables that are planned for service, it will be possible to determine how many waiters in the state are required.
  • Think over the kitchen area and the corresponding “stations”. The kitchen area has a direct impact on how many cooks and workers can be hired.
  • Understand which periods are loaded to the maximum. You need to make sure that in the busiest period (usually it’s lunch and evening) the staff is fully staffed.

How To Choose The Right Staff In A Cafe And Restaurant?

Staff training after recruitment

Hiring employees is far from the end of the interaction with them. We must not forget about the need for their constant training. Moreover, the educational process should be comprehensive. For example, it is not recommended to train employees to communicate with guests and at the same time ignore the presentation techniques of wine lists and menus. It is also not particularly logical to talk about sales skills, but it does not demonstrate the mechanisms of working with resistances and objections. To forget about team building training is to condemn yourself to a staff turnover since in this case, you can hardly count on a favorable atmosphere in the team.

How To Choose The Right Staff In A Cafe And Restaurant?

Initially, it is necessary to understand the essence of the methodology of the training sessions. Training implies practicing skills consisting of several steps:

  1. A small lecture is given; an overview of the technique is given.
  2. Conducted thematic exercises related to the development of certain elements of this skill.
  3. A certain metaphoric game is being held, a group discussion for the complex testing of the necessary elements.
  4. A simulated role-playing game, close to real.

Since when opening the first thing, it is necessary to introduce an automation system, new employees should also familiarize themselves with it, because such software will minimize resources and more effectively cope with basic responsibilities. The automation system is characterized by a large number of advantages according to the type:

  • No errors during the formation of the order.
  • Immediate transfer of the order for cooking in the kitchen.
  • The ability to control each of the stages.
  • Service promptness.
  • Finance tracking options.

If we talk about the necessary hardware and software complex, then it should be chosen exclusively depending on the specific parameters of a particular institution. For example, the automation of small cafes and restaurants often involves the purchase of a universal terminal and a printer for an account. The kitchen is equipped with a print order printer, and the software required for administrative functions is installed on the office computer.

Thus, if you take into account the above recruitment tips in cafes and restaurants, you can count on cooperation with competent and competent professionals who know how to behave with customers and quickly serve them.

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