Content Marketing Is King

For all those people who want to attract more people to their online stores, a good option is to opt for content marketing. We can choose a great variety of options to incorporate to make our shop to the digital user, from posts that interest the reader, digital media ads, to videos that accompany and make reading an entertaining and fun time. We must not forget that behind the digital user are people like us, impatient and nervous to find the best and the latest Internet offer. And who creates that content? US!. Whether it is news, advice, trick or a product, we can generate content and hook or cajole a large percentage of the digital society. But beware, not worth with creating content without a why. Just as we create strategies in the company to position a product in a certain market, we conduct market research to achieve a business objective or, we create a plan to redesign our website in order to make it more attractive, we have to carry out a Strategic content plan that will have to be incorporated into our online marketing plan .

 “Without traffic, there is no paradise.”

It is important to remember that however beautiful we have our online store, our products are interesting and we provide content to our blog, if nobody sees us, we will not be taking advantage of our efforts. We must know how to compensate and know the necessary tools that will help us achieve greater impact and attraction. And once known, choose the one that best fits the business idea that has our store and begins to detail the content marketing plan that will be carried out over time as well as the steps to follow to stand out among others and That the efforts have their reward.

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Ads are worth it

 Creating ads on different social networks never had as much impact as now. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram are the different social platforms best known between the digital user and the companies, as they attract different segments of the target audience that are interested in the company itself knowing about its existence. If your company does not have a big budget to make ads and only focuses on advertising in a medium, it is preferable that you take it to social networks and diversify your spending towards more advertising options. Never has an ad allowed both level of segmentation and budget control in companies as allowed by ads created on different social networks. Another great advantage that allows this type of ads is the variety of format that we can incorporate within the message: video, text, and audio. To know all the benefits provided by social networks, click here. In the Palin Blog, we have been commenting on the effectiveness of advertising on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, the advantages provided by each social platform and the steps to follow to create successful ads. If you have not yet created an ad we encourage you to check its effectiveness.

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 Marketing of influences

Following in the line of the previous point with the social networks, the marketing of influences or influencer marketing, is incorporated with force in the strategy of digital contents. Social networks, besides allowing us to be spies, with them we can visualize all content that we find interesting, share it with our contacts and feel part of a large community. Another advantage of social networks is that we can follow the people we admire and try (sometimes) to imitate. These people, for the most part, are ambassadors for the brands themselves. To give us an idea, they are the new showcase of brands on the Internet. We could add that public relations within a company have evolved into what we know today as influencers or ambassadors for a brand. Not for the most part, but a large percentage have come to be known as such. Society no longer wants intrusive ads that provoke rejection but on the contrary. Companies seek to humanize their brand and it is through strategies in influence marketing as most of them achieve. Society and business are constantly seeking these opinion leaders as they have a power that many can not achieve and is creating a constant and direct impact on the market.

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 Competitions and gifts

There is nothing better than taking part in contests and being able to take branded products that you never thought you would have the chance to get. Or so your client would think. From the point of view of a company, creating competitions on digital platforms has never been easier if you know well what you want to achieve. This type of actions are carried out to achieve a series of objectives such as increase brand awareness, promote a new product, get more sales or even create an interactive community that makes your impact greater in the market. It has always been said that the best advertising is “word of mouth” and what a reason! Creating competitions and giving prizes, products of your company or services, are objectives with short-term expiration. And the biggest advantage of having such goals is that once the “campaign” is completed, it is easy for the company to analyze the success achieved and measure what has moved your audience to generate a conversion; Or what is the same, what attracts and likes people to be able to boost it in the future. Think about taking advantage of all the possibilities offered by the Internet to your business.

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By incorporating short-term goals into your content marketing plan, we move on to creating objectives with medium- and long-term maturity. We are talking about the famous Organise positioning in search engines. Betting that your content marketing plan contains SEO positioning strategies will make your company secure a position “among the chosen”. You have to consider both on a page and off page actions since, if you want to get more traffic to your store, you can not carry out one without the other.

  • Offpage.On the one hand, you have to start by analyzing the keywords by which you want the public to find you in different search engines and be patient.
  • On Page.On the other, we come across on page actions that refer to the strategies that are adopted to apply on your web page. We can find small targets to respond or to make a small improvement as, to verify that in your different titles and meta descriptions have been incorporated keywords, that the URLs of the sites within your page are acceptable for Google robots Or that your web page is well structured. In this way, you will allow the user to understand where they need to move to get what they are looking for, improving your web usability and user experience.

In this post, we talked about how to carry out an SEO content strategy for your blog.

Content Marketing, Seeking Conversion


We reach the fifth basic pillar that every company must have if it wants to achieve digital success. Blogs have become a hobby for users as they go one at a time in search of new and topical information. We contrast information and share in our profiles everything we find interesting. If a content is of interest among users is very likely to have a good positioning in search engines. In this post, we talk about the 7 essential steps that must be followed to write a quality article. As for advice, we have to add that in your content marketing plan you have to incorporate both short and long term goals. So, you can measure the impact that your brand has achieved on each platform and how the digital user has reached your online store, little by little. As you can see, customers can get to know that you exist in many ways, either through a simple post or an advertisement published on a digital portal. You have to keep in mind the constant movement of society towards interesting, original, updated and quality content. Be creative and impact your audience in a way that would not be expected, even through ads or contests.


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