Data Visualization: Are You Doing The Right Way?

Today, data is increasingly present in every aspect of our lives. Not only in the work environment but also in everyday life, just think about apps that track how many meters we walk in one day, how many calories we burn, how many calories we take. This information, in order to create value, must be clearly and effectively represented: this is through data visualization.

The data language has become a universal language and for this reason, it must be made clear and accessible to all. Today, visual visualization has become a fundamental resource, but why it’s effective must be used in the right way.

Even for companies, data visualization can be a very effective tool for both internal and external communication. If you are not able to make your message simple and accessible, you probably do not master your stuff sufficiently. Data visualization is probably the best way to help people understand information efficiently.

In addition, especially with regard to organization within companies, knowing how to effectively communicate information transversely across all organizational levels, allows you to align the goals to be achieved between all the involved business actors. This creates the need for businesses to create graphical representations of data sharing, as long as these representations are able to properly transmit information, and not all the charts succeed in the intent.

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What is a good graph?

The good graph matrix measures two-aspect charts: contextual awareness and design execution. Contextual awareness depends on how you answer the questions: what am I trying to say? Who? And where? The context is influenced by the field of vision that is available, which can be extended or focused, from the angle of view you are using and from the point of view you have in the representation of the information.

Designing depends on the goodness with which the chart was built. By crossing the two dimensions, you get an array through which you can judge the quality of the chart.

How to make a good graphic

The data story telling deepens the theme of the context as a key factor for getting the best communicative result. And the context depends on who, what and how …

  • Who or the audience to whom the communication is addressed. The more specific the audience is and the more effective the communication will be, as too general crowds can run the risk that not everyone can grasp the contents;
  • What in turn, is divided into action, mechanism and tone. Action is the gesture to be made to make the show relevant to the audience. Mechanism means the method by which it communicates with the audience and can be modulated both on the level of control that it has on the content and therefore on the interaction with the audience and on the level of detail of the information. Finally, by tone is the tone of voice with which the data is exposed;
  • How the data can become relevant and support the information you want to communicate.

In the end, it’s not enough to make a graph to be able to effectively transmit the information, but this must be declined according to the context in which you are and the audience’s needs, so that the message arrives straight to your destination.


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