E-Commerce: Keys to a Safe Success

The new digital trend that is the e-commerce is being implanted without remedy in our society. It is changing the way we buy and understand the market. Habits and customs that we considered as anchored and irreplaceable have given an 180º turn. Who was going to think about buying some sneakers online?

Objects that we have always considered indispensable your real contact prior purchase. Even making the purchase of our most basic products is becoming a replaceable action by the “one click” from anywhere and at any time of day.

E-Commerce Keys to a Safe Success1

Therefore, we can say that e-commerce is not a trend but a reality that has come to stay and change our way of life. At this point, many companies see in this type of trade a competitive advantage, the fact of having a point of sale 24h a day is a not insignificant factor, as well as the possibility of finding a target audience from any part of the world.

However, in this process of digitization in which both large and small companies want to join the car, many of them are shipped without a definite prior strategy or even have thought what consequences can have open a web space. A number of issues need to be clear, including that opening e-commerce is just as costly in terms of work and dedication as a physical store. If your store is not attractive, if the products are not placed so that the customers find them easily, or if at the time of purchase they put me in the way of the disposal of the premises or personnel qualified for it, surely the customers will end up abandoning The local without making the purchase and, above all, without recommending to other potential customers our store.

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This is the same thing that happens in an e-commerce. It is necessary to treat with the same care and the factors of success that in a physical trade. If our web does not have an attractive design or if at the time of browsing it the user is lost in a thousand menus and clicks, will end up leaving my space and will not make the purchase. For these and other factors, the e-commerce will end up being a failure if you do not put land in between.

E-Commerce Keys to a Safe Success2

Therefore, here we leave the keys to achieve the goal of all e-commerce, sell more and make a dent in the digital world:

Know your customer better than yourself. The big mistake that is made is to think that we know what the customer wants or needs. We rely on our opinion or that of our nearest circle. In marketing, they call it the merely despicable data. At this point, only reliable data provided by rigorous studies are worth telling us truly what our potential customer thinks of our product as well as how much will be willing to pay for it. In addition, the purchase process has become complex, is no longer bought when a product convinces you but the path has lengthened to the point that once seen in the store, you search the internet to compare prices and alternatives. Once this is done, it expands its range of possibilities exponentially. Thus, It is essential to collect the entire route that the user makes until they finish buying. We will have to know where and when to intervene in the buying process for us to take the cat to the water.

A segment does not waste. As we have said before, the population spectrum that we can access through the network is immense, so it is essential to know how to segment our target audience. Every company has unlimited goals, but limited resources. We must adjust our goals to the maximum not to throw our money because on the Internet it is easy to blur our money in advertising campaigns with a really questionable ROI. The secret is in hyper-segmentation, and this possibility is given by social networks. You cannot imagine how much information they have from all of us. And this information can be used to reach exactly the target audience that our e-commerce needs.

E-Commerce Keys to a Safe Success3

Marketing as an engine of attraction. Once we know our client and we have segmented properly, we must think that we want to convey to our users and how we are going to do it. At this point, the e-commerce budget goes up. The competition is so fierce and the communication channel so tight that it is here that most businesses fail. Therefore, we must be very clear about our marketing strategy, how and where we are going to appear as well as the perception that we want our customers to have of us.

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To browse our web, generate WOM. Once we have managed to get our users into our e-commerce, we must be clear about what we want them to do (buy, fill out a contact form, know our mission …) This links with the term usability of our website. It has to be easy and accessible. The user has to have the feeling that he/she controls at all times our web. Remember, the feeling never controls our web. Your tour of the web has to be so attractive and simple that you do not want to leave it. Here everything influences, from the quality of the images to the intuitive of the menus. To this, we must add a care for details. Nothing can be left to chance and in that process.

We must find the right moment to generate an action that exceeds the expectations that the user had in our e-commerce, is the so-called WOM effect. This can range from something as simple as the free subscription to a contest, invitation to a loyalty club up to free shipping costs. Everything to generate a feeling of surprise and satisfaction that makes you feel like different from the rest and that you buy through our site is reliable and comfortable.

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