Email Marketing For Small Businesses

Email Marketing For Small Businesses

With email marketing, small businesses have ambiguous relationships. Despite the fact that email marketing a couple of years ago ordered a long life, today it resurrected already in the new conditions and does not cease to be an effective marketing tool. Look at these numbers: more than 50% of people check their email immediately after awakening, and 91% of people do it at least once during the day!

Just imagine, you get into your client’s mailbox, and your letters magically induce people to read! How to achieve this and do you need an email for your business? About this in our article!Email Marketing For Small Businesses

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Why you need an email list

  1. To build trust relationships with customers. Why should small businesses create trusting relationships with customers? We are not brands! – you think. But, in fact, today they buy from those who are trusted. It’s not enough just to open a store or tell you that you are providing a service. We need to constantly work on building relationships with customers, reminding ourselves, showing our work, our product.
  2. Talk about their products, services, and their product. With a series of letters, you can not just talk about your product, make an offer, you can also show feedback from customers who have already worked with you. You can notify them about the actions and activities of the company.
  3. Sell. Email marketing helps to sell. Of course, provided that you have created a loyal subscriber base, you have built a trusting relationship.
  4. Stay in touch with customers. Of course, today there are many ways to stay in touch with customers – social streams, messengers. But the classic way is, nevertheless, an email-mailing. How else can you quickly notify and contact the client, if not via e-mail?
  5. Stimulate repeat sales. So that you do not have to constantly spend fabulous money to attract new customers – invest your time in maintaining relationships with existing customers and encourage repeat sales through mailing.

To do this, segment your subscription base. You can segment by sex – men, women, by interests, my interest in your product. Working with individual segments of your subscription base, your conversion will get higher.Email Marketing For Small Businesses

For clients:

Emarketing is needed not only for companies but also for their customers. Here are a few reasons why this is so.

  • Be aware of the company’s news.
  • Receive bonuses and interesting offers.
  • Receive valuable content. This point is especially relevant for personal mailings. Let’s say the author of the newsletter sends a very valuable content or bonus once a couple of months – the conversion of such letters will simply go off the scale because people are waiting for this bonus.

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  1. Create a series of letters. Of course, you are aware that sales “on the forehead” today are working badly, and then only if the customer is already “warmed up” and is looking for your product if he is ready to buy. This is a rare case. Most often you need to create a need for your product, build relationships, and show that you are making a quality product. To do this, we need a series of letters, which introduces the client to the company, services, and products, which causes the customer’s need to own your product. A series of letters is not just sales, it’s a logically built chain, during which you can tell customers about your services, train them, share values and send bonuses to demonstrate your qualities.

Email Marketing For Small Businesses

  1. Segment the subscriber base and personalize. Segmentation of the database will allow sending targeted letters to subscribers. Let’s say you invited people to a webinar. Those who signed up for the webinar fall into one segment of your database, and you can continue to work with the database, offering a product that was sold on the webinar. And those who did not subscribe to the webinar, invite to another event or offer other content, and work on. Working with different segments, you will improve the quality of the mailing and, of course, increase the conversion rate than if 100,000 people were immediately invited to the webinar, and then showered them with selling letters. So you run the risk of getting into SPAM and get a large number of comments.
  1. Work with inactive subscribers. You need to understand how to work with inactive subscribers, how to reactivate your database. You can offer something – to attend the event, to use the demo of your service or simply send an interesting free bonus and see how the subscribers will behave, whether they will show activity.
  2. Analyze and clean the base. When the work on the reactivation of the database does not go well, then safely clean your database and remove such subscribers, so that they do not spoil the conversion. And, of course, mailing is regular work, if you send letters every few months, your conversion will not be more than 2-3%.

Thus, the email-mailing for business is alive and works well if you constantly work with the database and improve the relationship with subscribers, send valuable content, share life-flashes, bonuses, notify about discounts, make interesting offers.

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