The essentials when it comes to Construction H&S schemes

The world of construction is an exciting and dynamic one. Construction is what drives development, with new commercial property, schools and housing playing a huge part in all of our lives. There are so many things to think of when you plan these buildings like space, facilities, safety, access and of course storage.  You can get great solutions like garage shelving from sites like  which is great for builders as they will allow for a great place to put all the necessary equipment they need and great for the land owner to put all their equipment.   The everyday life of a construction worker, however, can be dangerous. That’s why there are health and safety schemes to ensure those who work in construction stay safe and supported. Let’s take a look at three schemes currently in place.

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CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) is arguably the largest scheme out there. CHAS works with suppliers and buyers to ensure that the suppliers comply with the buyers’ health and safety standards. The suppliers must apply to be considered for contracts, and CHAS assesses their health and safety standards. Compliance is crucial when it comes to insurance, and ensuring there are as few accidents as possible on site.

CHAS was set up in 2001 by government bodies, with the main aims of improving safety standards in construction all over Great Britain and to help suppliers by reducing the number of safety applications they needed to file. If they are approved by CHAS, it makes it easier for them to match the standards of a buyer who is working through CHAS.


Constructionline is similar to CHAS. A supplier must submit paperwork to Constructionline to ensure they are deemed safe to carry out the work they are applying to do. The main difference between this body and others is that it pays attention to the company’s finances and human resources policies. This is because the majority of jobs that go through Constructionline are public sector, and therefore the vetting processes are more thorough, to ensure public money is being invested in trustworthy companies.

While these schemes are different, many suppliers, such as joiners, tensile fabric structures specialists and others, prefer to be members of both organisations so that they are comprehensively covered.


SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) is not a scheme in the same way that CHAS and Constructionline are.
Many in the construction industry are looking forward to seeing how these schemes can work together even more closely in the future.

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