Every Office Needs These Organisation Gadgets

Organisation is key, so get ahead at work with some amazing new gadgets to organise your work life and keep you comfortable and productive at work.

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Keep Your Desk Tidy with a Keyboard Organizer

Too much clutter at your work station can interfere with your productivity. This excellent piece of kit allows you to keep your desk free of all the bits and bobs of office equipment that accumulate at your workspace. It looks like a regular keyboard, but open it up and there is room to store things like Sellotape, staples, post-its, pens, etc. At the end of your day, simply pop everything back in to keep your desk tidy and clear.

Stay in the right Working Position with an Armrest Mousepad

This device allows you to control your computer mouse from the armrest of your office chair. It encourages a straight posture in your chair, and its makers claim it can reduce the risk of office-related health issues such as repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive strain injury is a condition that mostly affects the upper parts of the body – often wrists, hands, forearms, elbows, neck and shoulders. So it can be common for workers who sit in the same position at a desk, particularly those who maintain a poor working posture.

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Multitask with a Stealth Switch

Perhaps you are entering data, switching between programs or screens or using software such as https://pdftables.com/ to convert PDF to Excel. Whatever you are doing, the Stealth Switch II can come in handy by allowing you to multitask using your feet! A switch that goes under your desk, it enables you to control hotkeys, keystrokes or mouse clicks in a variety of applications at the tap of your toes. This great gadget helps you work more efficiently.

Carry Around a Mini Office

It is becoming more and more common for workers to use hot desks, work from different offices or work from home. It can be inconvenient when the desk you are working from does not have all the office essentials on it that you need. The mini office is an all-in-one office essential kit, consisting of scissors, stapler, measuring tape and calculator. An office worker’s equivalent to the multi-tool Swiss army knife, this tiny piece of kit can be carried around and used anywhere.

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