Five things to look for in a financial advisor

A financial advisor can be a major asset and can assist you in reaching your goals. There are key points to consider when shopping around for a financial advisor, as this can turn into a long-term relationship.

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Experience is a key factor

Experience counts for a lot, and it’s worth taking a look at your selected professional’s educational background and his or her years of experience. A highly experienced financial advisor will be able to apply what they know to your situation and develop a strategy that suits your own personal circumstances. You can do this by word of mouth, or you can browse reviews on impartial websites. Ensure they have the correct certification and are completing any ongoing professional development.

Before signing an agreement, be sure you are clear on how often you will meet. Obtain an understanding of the payment structure before agreeing to anything. Some financial advisors encourage the setting up of an initial meeting and a follow-up with their clients annually, while others provide ongoing support during the year.

Transparency is an essential quality that a prospective client should look for. A genuine high-quality advisor will willingly volunteer the information you require to make the right decision. They do not withhold information, so be alert and be cautious if you feel you are having to hunt for information.

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Why hire an advisor?

Like many professionals upon whom you depend for advice and provision of services, financial advisors are also compensated with fees. The method of payment for advice and services should be calculated either hourly or be fixed or asset-based. The hourly fee is based on the amount of time they spend with a client, whereas the fixed or flat fee is agreed. The asset-based fee is determined by the percentage of assets they manage on your behalf.

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According to Forbes, there are numerous benefits in taking on a financial advisor as he or she can help provide ongoing advice so that you can have peace of mind whilst pursuing your life goals.

A good financial advisor will always make you aware of any additional fees. They will fully disclose all expenses, and this trustworthiness is a major asset.

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