Hot interior decor trends to look out for in 2017

Each year there are new interior decorating trends that take off and can be found in everyone’s homes. The style conscious among us are constantly keeping up with current fashions in home decoration. We have prepared a few ideas for what to look out for in 2017 to keep up with the Joneses!


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Coloured furniture

Get ready to embrace painted furniture. In the kitchen, bedroom or dining room painted wood is really taking off. Pale colours can look great in kitchens and give a strong country kitchen vibe. Think of light yellows, lilacs and sky blues for a flash of colour without being overbearing. Many people are embracing colour in their home as a way to keep things quirky, fun and personal.

White kitchens

Another contrasting top trend right now is all-white kitchens. If you are not into the coloured furniture idea then this will be right up your street. In 2017, there will be lots of stark white kitchens around the country as people embrace a minimalist, clean feel. So think about white worktops, white washed furniture, and white cupboards, and remember to keep all white goods exactly their intended colour!

Curved lines

Curved lines are also due a revival. After a more streamlined and edgy look of recent years, we are moving towards more curved designs in furniture and other design elements. Items such as tables and chairs are starting to be designed with stronger curves where once they would have had straight edges. This gives a softer look overall and curved lines tend to work well with lighter colours, minimalist designs and textured furnishings.

Natural materials

Natural and organic materials are also set to be big news, such as cork flooring. Many people wonder what exactly is involved in creating a cork floor, so it is useful to read a little more about this naturally warm, environmentally friendly and highly durable material with online sources such as:

Textured designs

Texture is another important element to look for next year in all aspects of homewares and furniture design. Textures in chairs, sofas, cushions and linens will all be about a soft touch or an interesting feel. New textures will not only be fur, velvet and silk but will also incorporate rougher textures, such as linen and wool, and luxurious fabrics like leather.

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