How can I use link tracking to measure my online campaign?

If you’re undertaking any form of online campaign, it makes sense that you’ll want to measure its effectiveness. Measuring campaigns lets you see whether your endeavors have been a success or not, but it can also provide vital clues about those who take part, including consumer behaviours. One such method to measure online campaigns is link tracking.

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What is link tracking?

According to Click Meter, a tracking link is a unique shortened link that is designed to track a destination URL. When a new tracking link is created, you need to provide a destination or original URL, which you then track, and to which a user will be redirected.

By creating a special link in place of a URL, when a recipient clicks on the tracked link, it can provide a wealth of information to the receiver.

Measuring online campaigns

Link tracking can provide a range of information about the recipient, which can give hints about the effectiveness of your campaigns. It can give you details about who has clicked on the link, including that person’s email address. If you are carrying out an SMS campaign, it can include their mobile number. SMS link tracking campaigns can also capture mobile phone operating systems, the browser used, and the make and model of the device.

Link tracking can also give information about the total number of times each link has been clicked, including duplicate link clicks for each contact.

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In addition to ascertaining which links are getting clicks in your online campaigns, you can also use link tracking to see which links are not being clicked. With this information, you can adjust campaigns to make them more effective and promote greater consumer engagement.

It requires some element of skill and know-how to understand link tracking and to execute it to get the best results and return on investment for campaigns, so you may wish to consult experts such as, who are professional web designers in Reading.

Link tracking also lets you find out the date and time when a link was clicked so you can measure the immediacy of your campaigns.

You can also use link tracking information to add content to campaigns, create if/else scenarios and goal conditions, set up split test automations, and send targeted campaigns by establishing list segments.

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