How to build the right H&S culture in your factory

Every factory needs a strong health and safety culture in order to protect workers, customers, suppliers and other visitors who may be on site or dealing with your business. But a strong H&S culture involves more than simply following processes and regulations. It requires attention to detail, commitment and a strong, engaged culture that encourages everyone to be accountable for ensuring wellbeing across the business. Let’s look at some practical steps.

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Be clear on responsibilities

From identifying the team responsible for keeping the factory floor clean to nominating an individual to check ducting supplies, it’s vital to be clear on who owns which process or task within the factory’s operation.

Be clear on the vision

Equally, the entire organisation should understand what the company’s goals and objectives are in terms of the broader Health and Safety culture. Make sure this is communicated regularly, in team meetings, on the factory walls, in briefings and in training.

Have the right kit

A safe factory always has the right materials ready to repair, replace and upgrade parts when they begin to wear away. Make sure you have careful checking processes and a ready inventory of replacement materials, so that your staff – and your products – are always protected from wear and tear. You can buy a full range of spares from

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Make people accountable

Everyone needs to be accountable for H&S within the factory, but this is particularly so for your business leaders. Make sure all managers and supervisors have objectives that directly relate to H&S issues, maintenance, enforcement and review within their annual objectives setting and performance review process.

Encourage conversation

Encourage your staff to come and talk to supervisors and managers about any concerns, issues or ideas that they have in relation to company health and safety. This helps to open up a culture of open communication and idea-sharing.

Share reports

Make sure you are producing regular reporting on H&S compliance and any incidents and share these broadly across your workforce. This is essential to flag up where things have gone well, or where they have gone wrong, so that everyone can learn and adapt their approach accordingly.

Build trust

It takes time to build any kind of new culture, so invest in the process and reward success – the engagement will bring you better results.

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