How to choose the right van for your profession

The van market is packed with variety, so deciding which vehicle configuration will be the best fit for your profession can be tough. Here are some tips to make the decision-making process a little simpler.

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Payload considerations

Looking at the amount of weight that a van can lug around is useful; however, you also need to think about the type of goods and equipment you will need it to carry, as the volume of the cargo area is just as important. The roof height and load length will determine whether a given vehicle will fit the bill, so calculate the dimensions and mass of what you will usually have to haul to narrow down your list of options.

Performance and manoeuvrability

Van buyers who will mostly be driving on city streets will have different needs to those who want to take their LCV off the beaten track in rural areas or on construction sites. Will four-wheel drive be useful, or is front- or rear-wheel drive adequate?

The roof height, wheelbase length and width of the van could also be important if you expect to need to use it in scenarios in which narrow access parameters will be encountered. There is no point buying a van that is too big to fit through the gaps you need it to conquer!

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Even the door configuration will be an important concern; for example, delivery and distribution work can be performed more effectively if there are sliding doors on both sides of the cargo area rather than just on one side.


A van is not just a box on wheels but also a mobile office that drivers can use for a vast number of tasks in addition to basic transport. You can make the rear body tough and practical with van plylining from specialists such as, while the cab can be equipped with infotainment, navigation and connectivity features that enable advanced communication and productivity.

Van sales have risen significantly in recent years, although they may have hit a plateau over the past couple of months. This is in part because they are getting more car-like features and functions.

Ultimately your budget may be a deciding factor in which van you pick, but all the aforementioned variables are just as important.

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