How to Convince a Client to Buy your Product

how to convince a client to buy your product

We know that the market is becoming more and more saturated with totally attractive and suggestive products and services. If you want to publicize your brand, whether you sell products or services, you must establish strategies that allow potential customers to buy from you and not from your competition.

How to convince a client to buy your product?

The sales strategy where you will make the difference between you and the other bidders is defined as a value proposition. This is designed to make the customer fall in love, that is, to convince your potential customer that your product or service provides greater value or a better solution than that offered by your competition.

It will be your value proposition that answers the question of why your client should buy from you and not from your competition; by indicating to the customer why your product is different and the benefits it would obtain if it were purchased.

It is important that this proposal is not misleading, it is not about expressing empty or false ideas in a document; You must be real with the client or else you will lose it forever. This proposal should not be something super elaborate, on the contrary, it should be simple and precise; In order for it to be understood by your prospects, it must be understood and go straight to the point; This will give a point in your favor, since apart from falling in love with your client, you will increase their trust in you.

Learn about a value proposition that led to the success of your company

Do you know Domino┬┤s Pizza? Surely yes. This is a brand recognized worldwide for its quality and service, but what sets it apart from the competition? What makes people choose it among so many other pizzerias?

At some point this company asked similar questions; She studied how to be unique among so much competition. The answer was found to understand that a person when ordering a pizza, is generally very hungry, not because it was planned. For this reason, they incorporated into their value proposition the following motto “If the order takes more than 30 minutes, it is free”, this of course is guaranteeing that the product will arrive hot and fresh.

Clearly this strategy or value proposition is very powerful and makes a big difference between buying from them and not from the competition. Since it focuses its value on quality and speed, two aspects that consumers love.

This lets you see that it is not about developing a value proposition that tells the customer to buy a product. But why should you buy your product.

How to develop your value proposition?

You can base your value proposition on distinctive characteristics, such as location, type of service, modality, format, etc. Avoid it at lower prices, since they are attributes that will last very little; until your competition puts a price even lower than yours.

Another fact that will be very useful to you is to ask your family and friends, what they see in your brand that seems unique to them; You can also ask your most trusted clients. These types of activities can surprise you a lot since they may name attributes that you had not even noticed that your brand had. And another alternative is that you yourself take a pencil and paper and analyze what favorable aspects you have and how you can get the most out of your value proposition.

The value proposition can be evolutionary, that is, you can set parameters today that you can later change or adjust tomorrow so that you can adapt them to consumer requirements.

Since you know the importance of the value proposition, take a pen and paper and start creating yours, and if you already have it, strengthen it. You will see how customers buy from you and not from your competition.

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