How To Make Your Website Appear First On Google?

Many entrepreneurs are wondering what they have to do to make their website appear first on Google. They know that web positioning is a priority so that your online store or service page can sell on the Internet. However, they often do not have a clear SEO strategy, or they have not directly undertaken actions to position their web.

In this post, we want to make a series of recommendations to get the website of your company to appear first in Google. The first thing is to be clear that you need an SEO strategy, you can not carry out positioning actions without being clear where you are going because it could be counterproductive for your business.

Determine keywords

The first point is to determine the keywords for which you want to position yourself. There are some keywords that have more competition than others, so we must choose very well. On the other hand, there are also some keywords that have very few searches. Appearing the first in Google for those results would not bring us too many visits.

The most recommended tools to determine your keywords are SEMRush, and the search bar of SEOMoz. Before we had the Adwords Keyword Planner, but the latest changes that have been made in the application have a catch. And it is that now you can not see exactly the searches that a particular keyword has, only the values between the oscillates: 10-100, 100 – 1K, 1K – 10K, and so on.

In the two tools we have mentioned you will be able to see the keywords for each keyword. These tools are payable but are very effective in determining an SEO strategy.

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How to choose the keywords for your web?

If you want your website to appear first in Google, you must be clear that there is no limit to single keywords, nor should we just focus on positioning the homepage. You can try to position our website for a list of 2 to 10 keywords, for example, and try to position not only the main page but also the category pages.

Ideally, choose keywords that have enough search, but do not have too much competition. In the SEMRush tool, we can see the KW ( Keyword Difficulty ) to check if it is very difficult to position for those keywords or not. On the other hand, in the bar of SEOMoz, we will appear two elements, the DA ( Domain Authority ) and the PA (Page Authority ), which will help us to check the level of difficulty.

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Each SEO has its own methods, but the truth is that the higher the DA of the pages that are positioned in the first 10 results of Google for that keyword, the more complicated it will be. It does not make much sense to try to position ourselves when the vast majority of the results have DA of 90 or higher since it would be enormously complicated if we do not have a similar one.

On the other hand, it also imports the number of searches. Theoretically, the more searchers have better keywords, but you have to keep in mind some points.

  • The more you search, the competition will generally be higher and it is more complicated to get results. It is best to opt for a search level around 2000-5000 per month.
  • The location of such searches must be taken into account. From SemRush we can see the results of the searches for Spain or other countries separately. Ideally, we focus on searches of places where people can buy our product. It is not very useful to position yourself for searches in Texas if in your online store you only sell in New york and do not send abroad.

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How to optimize your page for those keywords?

To position you for certain keywords, what you have to do is adapt the internal SEO and improve the external SEO of our website.

The keyword must appear in the meta tags (meta title, meta description, URL), as it is a factor that will influence the positioning of the page. The keyword must also appear in the texts and subtitles of the website. We should also include related words so that we can better position ourselves in similar searches. In addition, it is important that our pages are optimized for SEO in general.


The other area in which you must work to position a website is in the external SEO or off-page SEO, which we have talked about other times. It is about creating links from quality pages pointing to your website from an article. These links help you increase the authority of your site and Google to position the web of your company to the rise.

How to make your page appear first on Google?

From this task, what you have to do is optimize and optimize. It is about getting your website to have more authority and more and/or better links than the websites that appear first, as well as better internal optimization.

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There are also aspects related to the so-called technical SEO and the design of your website, which can influence whether your website appears first or not.

If your keywords have been incorrectly chosen, there will be times when it is virtually impossible for your web to appear first on Google. Maybe you should content yourself in that case with appearing in the top 10 of Google results. However, what is involved is to find the best combination possible for you to reach as many visitors as possible.

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