How to Sell the Value of Web Design to Internal Stakeholders

It can be challenging to share a digital vision with internal stakeholders – and particularly decision-makers – who have not yet bought into its benefits or are inclined to think it is a passing phase of some kind! The fact is that digital is transforming businesses at a paradigm shift level. It is entirely reshaping entire industries, changing the way that business is delivered and even changing the way we live our lives on a fundamental level.

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If businesses want to transform, they need to re-engineer themselves around digital technologies. So whether you need to get sign off internally for a new website, app development project or internal AI trial, you need to approach it systematically.

The Benefits-led Approach

Always frame your discussion in a benefits-led way, using language and objective measures that are meaningful to your audience. Use figures wherever possible rather than simply soft measures. Demonstrate how the digital investment will better the bottom line of the business and strip out inefficiencies, and demonstrate how good design leads to intended consequences online – which in turn increases conversions, online sales or leads for the sales team to convert.

Get Help

Sometimes internal stakeholders find it easier to hear the message about digital from external agencies. This can be frustrating for in-house teams, but for ease of sign-off it can be worth getting the help of an external London SEO agency specialist such as to assist with internal client pitching for sign-off. Sometimes the external voice can bring perspective and experience that helps to facilitate internal sign-off – particularly where case studies about how competitors are moving ahead can be provided!

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Personalise the Conversation

Always be mindful that your audience will be considering their own objectives when weighing up the value of digital investment. Always answer the question of ‘what’s in it for me’ when attempting to gain sign-off and buy-in. So identify your key stakeholders before your presentation and seek to understand what’s important to them – whether they are responsible for finance, marketing, sales, customer services or logistics within the business. If you can clearly demonstrate that budget for your web design project will help to improve their own KPIs and bottom line figures, the argument for budget spend becomes easier.

Take a planned approach, and see the results you want.

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