How to Start a Fast Food Business? Offers and Requirements

How to start a fast food business

The fast food sector in recent years has known many innovations that have expanded the proposal besides the multinational notes (McDonald’s and Burger King above all). Although it is a competitive and difficult market, opening a fast food, perhaps in franchising, can be a good business idea if accompanied by creativity and ability. In this article, we present how to start a fast food business quickly.

How to start a fast food business

It is best to go slowly but surely when you start you must invest only in what you need. You still cannot afford to buy the most expensive banks or the highest quality dishes. Although the presentation of your business is important, remember that people go more for your food, you can have a good business with quality products and business consultant but quality. Not by buying the most expensive “super” will mean that your fast food business will be a success.

Saving is a very important part if you want to have the business of your dreams you must know it implies sacrifices. One of them is to measure yourself in your expenses. Now, in case you do not have the capital to start, you can consider the option of resorting to a loan from a relative or a banking institution. Take into account that here it is vital to have a business plan since no financial to you will give you money without a well-established plan.

You should also have defined what you are going to open. If it will be a position or a restaurant, but take into account that with the latter the investment will change noticeably. It is more expensive to open a restaurant. If you have this idea in mind, consider that besides food costs, you must invest in the premises, tables, chairs, repair, bathroom arrangement (if you need it), etc. Don’t panic, it may be expensive.

How to start a fast food business

Location and appropriate product

This is one of the most important points when opening your business because it decides if you are successful or not. You should know how to position your business in the right place, a strategic place where you know that your food will be sold. In addition, consider that your customers like your products. I give you an example if you sell healthy food in front of a school at the time of departure. It is likely that your business is not profitable for several reasons.

Children and teenagers least want vegetables. Parents may buy you something for their children to eat healthily. Keep in mind that you practically sell at mealtime, so families prefer to wait and get home to eat.

The price of a salad is usually very expensive and many people prefer to buy something cheaper and satisfy it more. That is why you must be located in the right place and with the right product. Remember that fast food is very profitable because it is a food, as its name says, fast to prepare and very simple, mostly. Taking the same example, people look for cakes or synchronized for their children, so you can offer them that option.

It is also important that when you look for where you will position yourself. You make sure that it is a busy place where people will want your product. You should check if the competition is very strong or if you have the possibility of overcoming it, this is a very effective way to attract customers.

Presentation and decoration

Although you start with low investment, you must also invest in the presentation and part of the design of your position or premises. People go more for your food, but that does not mean that you will neglect the appearance of your business.

Preferably choose one or two colors that characterize your business, if you put several it is likely that people do not like the excess of so many shades, be simple but concrete.

Have your workplace well organized, that you see that you have experience in preparing your food. Your area is debris so it is not unpleasant in the sight of your guests.

The area of ​​your customers should be well cleared so they can eat at ease. Do not put your preparation utensils in their space (spatulas, straps, nor the products with which you prepare their food). At most, what they should have are the condiments and dressings for their food. For example, the ketchup and mustard if you sell hamburgers and hot dogs or sauces and lemons if you offer tacos.


If you will hire someone to help you in the preparation, it is important that you demand that your appearance is not neglected. For example, in the case of women of preference who do not have long nails, with moderate makeup and use mandatory networks.

It is also highly recommended to have sanitizing gel for your hands so that your clients use it. That your employees use it constantly and in view of your guests. So, they themselves see that their food is prepared with proper hygiene.

When you buy your organic food, remember to wash them well and disinfect them (such as potatoes, tomatoes, apples, etc). It seems exaggerated but I assure you that what you least want is that your customers do not return. Your food made them sick, or at worst of the cases that salubrity closes you.

You should offer:

  1. Good food: fresh and quality food.
  2. The distribution capacity.
  3. Choose the right staff.
  4. Provide excellent service: Fast, friendly and always taking into account the demands of the clientele.
  5. Have a strategic location
  6. Good image of the place.
  7. Advertising
  8. Have an accessible schedule and according to the area.


Let’s move on to the costs to open a fast food which, let’s clarify it immediately, are high: from 50 thousand to 150 thousand dollars will be needed (obviously we are talking about approximate figures). The initial investment drops a bit of a franchise store is opened.

The following should be considered in the initial investment:

  • The rent of the room, which varies according to the location and size of the same.
  • The equipment, which must be professional and of excellent quality.
  • The furnishings, which can be simple and minimal, but must still be qualitatively valid.
  • All bureaucratic expenses.
  • The professional advice (accountant, marketing and communications experts).
  • The costs decrease if you do not sit down or if you opt for walking fast food.

It is possible to take advantage of the funding.


There are many fast food brands that offer affiliate programs. Both are the most famous brands and niche brands give the opportunity to open their own restaurant taking advantage of the strength of their brand.

As is natural, it is good to choose the most suitable affiliate program for your local and your fast food vision. We remember that in exchange for an initial fee. The franchisors offer training, help, exclusive of the area, continuous consultancy and, often, also furniture and feasibility studies. Affiliation with a brand also means having to abide by the rules of the parent company, little flexibility, standardization of premises and furnishings and a specific menu from which it does not depart.

The bureaucratic process for opening a fast food restaurant

Now let’s see what the bureaucratic process is for starting a fast food. Let’s start with the VAT number. With the help of an accountant, it is necessary to identify the regime in which to operate (flat rate or ordinary) and the correct Ateco code. Code 56.10.11 concerns “Catering with the administration of restaurants, fast food restaurants, rotisseries, fry shops, pizzerias”.

After opening the VAT registration number, you must register the activity with the Business Registry of your province, even for any employees. The request must also be made to the municipality for the display of the sign.

To work in the catering sector, a suitable educational qualification (eg hotel) or a Sat course (Food and Beverage Administration) is required. In addition, both the owner and the employees must receive the HACCP certificate. It is obtained after following specific courses held by the ASL or by trade associations. The costs are not prohibitive at all.

Finally, the authorizations of the Local Health Authority and the Fire Department that attest to the safety and health of the premises will be necessary.

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