Know What to Do in an Emergency

Waiting until an emergency happens is no time to try to figure out what to do. This should be thought out beforehand, when things are calm and everyone can focus on what to do and where to go. While it is common for businesses to conduct emergency response training to their employees, many people often overlook this when it comes to being prepared for emergencies at home. However, a little planning can make things go smoother should something like a fire or other emergency situation break out when you least expect it.

Being prepared for the unthinkable starts by making sure you have all the necessary emergency equipment on hand and accessible. Escape ladders for homes can be invaluable for families that live in houses of two or more stories. Companies like ResQLadder can provide you with one or more of these ladders that can be placed across the window sill for quick escape if the main exit route is blocked. These units are small enough to be stored just about anywhere, so they can be easily placed near the window that is designated as an alternate means of escape.

Know What to Do in an Emergency

Of course, having emergency equipment like one of these ladders is of no benefit if the family members are not aware of its presence and do not know how to work it. Once it has been obtained, it may be time for a family meeting to go over how to use it and where it is kept. It should be easily accessible and in a place where it can be retrieved quickly. Under the bed might be a perfect spot for it.

You could even go so far as to make a game out of learning how to use the ladder by seeing which family member can retrieve it and put it into the window the quickest. The intent is to be able to use it without having to think about it so much in the event it is needed in a real emergency.

Other equipment that you want your family to be familiar with include fire extinguishers. They should not only know where they are, but how to use them. However, it is just as important for them to know then the fire is beyond their capacity to put out, during which time it is time to focus on getting out of the house.

Hopefully, the need for emergency equipment will never arise, but you want to make sure it is there just in case.

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