When to Let a Client Go?

When to Let a Client Go?

We always have clients who need our services or products who are willing to pay for it; in addition to forming a lasting relationship with our client. But you sure wonder when to let a client go.

As a seller, the strategy is to win customers every day and meet the expectations of our customers, so they can recommend our services to their contacts. However, sooner or later there are clients who need to be released, either because of their irresponsibility or their behavior.

You will think that it is rare to let a client go, but the reality is that many want free work, that is why today we will mention the 3 main types of clients that it is necessary to let go of.

When to let a client go?

The majority of clients that you will let go will be these 3 types that will be mentioned to you. Surely reading this article you will realize that it has happened to you in your business at some time; each one is also different and that is why we have to follow some basic criteria.

  • Every relationship must be signed by both in a contract.
  • In the contract they must have a quick and direct exit option, that is, if they are absent on the day of the payment date, the breach of the contract is direct and instantaneous.
  • As mentioned above, the payment date must be clear regarding the time and manner to carry out said transaction.
  • Now let’s start with the worst client, which is the first to let go as soon as you notice their irresponsibility.

Customer who does not pay on time. at first they do not pay directly or first they are delayed, then with the passing of the days they stop paying until the time comes when they do not pay, and they only make excuses to give more payment.

And many times they only pay a little and they promise to pay the rest soon, and what you don’t realize is that you keep working for that person for free or receiving less and less of the payment agreed at the beginning.

The ones who complain about everything. This type of person is the one who always complains about the service they do for you, despite the fact that the service is well done. For them, it is never perfect and they always ask for modifications every second.

The ones that waste your time. This is the client who must be let go quickly; These types of people sometimes have no bad intentions but intentionally harm your work and do so because 2 important resources are depleted: energy and time .

Unfortunately, they are not the only types of customers to let go, but these are the most common and harmful to your business. But not all of them are like that, most of them are respectful and very good people, who can even give you suggestions for better your business.

Now that you know when it is necessary to let go of a client, you must bear in mind that not only clients can harm your business; associates and suppliers can also do this. Letting a client go is difficult, but if one of these named behaviors presents you, it is best to end the relationship with the client.

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