Make sure you do these things to keep your employees safe at work

Business owners have responsibilities for their employees’ welfare. This means it is important to take steps to protect your workforce and protect yourself from the possible legal consequences of accidents. From being aware of all the pitfalls to consulting experts and devising training courses, there are many things you can do to keep your employees safe at work.

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Expert advice

It is important to make sure you are informed about all the areas that could affect your business from a legal standpoint. Your workplace should be assessed by experts to analyse risk and devise a strategy to deal with potential problems. Workplace safety is an important issue and the first thing to do is to become aware of all the areas that could potentially cause a health and safety problem.

Develop a plan

Once you know how the land lies, you need to formulate a strategy to deal with the potential issues. Each employee should know what to do if a disaster strikes or an accident occurs. Train the employees not only in health and safety in the workplace, but also what to do if an accident happens. Everyone should know where to go, who to tell, and what to do in every event.

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Do the drills

Once you know what to do and your employees know how to deal with an emergency situation, you should do a drill to test their knowledge. For example, fire drills should be done at least once every 6 months to make sure everyone remembers what to do and where to go.

Safety courses

It is vital that adequate training on health and safety is provided to all employees. The courses should be repeated regularly to ensure retention of information. You could also consider running first aid courses and self-defense courses for extra protection. For certain jobs, a basic DBS is also advisable, for example, if the workers are working with vulnerable adults or children. A DBS check can easily be acquired, using experts such as

Find leaders

There should be a number of leaders in the workplace who can act as captains in an emergency and guide other people. The leader in each office can take on additional responsibility for checking people are out of their office, for example, or doing a roll call.

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