Office equipment you will need for your start up

If you are looking to start up a business where you need an office and new equipment along with it then you may ask yourself what do i get first and how many do i need.?

We have compiled a list of items you could get to start you off and then its on your way to success.

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One thing you will probably need for an office is a computer to do research, write articles, email and contact clients or customers and save your work.  Depending on the type of work you do and how many employees you are planning on getting it may be worth getting one computer per person.  This will help productivity and efficiency with your staff and it will mean that no time is lost in the day due to not having the right resources.

Internet connection – You will definitely want to get a decent internet connection with an option of both wireless and wired with boosters around the office.  There is nothing worse than a slow connection and the buffering circle on your screen.  Also it will be important for emails and social media contact.  Some businesses also offer a face to face skype call for meetings and this really can make or break your meeting if the signal keeps fading.

Desks – You will need plenty of desks in the office for staff to put their equipment on and there personal belongings like pictures of family and friends.  This can keep a person calm and working harder.

Lockers – A lot of companies will provide lockers to their staff for their more secure items to be able to have peace of mind throughout the day. Normally items like handbags, wallets and the expensive items go in there.

Chairs – This is a very important piece of equipment as your colleagues will often be sat for long durations in the day. It is best to have adjustable chairs that can higher and lower, and go forwards and backwards.  If you are going to have lots of staff then perhaps get Operator Chairs from businesses like Best Buy Office Chairs.

Drinks station – It is very important staff are able to keep themselves hydrated throughout the day and the more choice they have the better.  It will be a good idea to have a tea and coffee facility, cold water and maybe even juices.

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