How To Open A Sewing Accessories Shop?

How To Open A Sewing Accessories Shop?

The range of sewing accessories shop, as a rule, includes the following groups of goods: buttons, braid, pins, threads, zippers, etc. Despite the fact that the modern market is full of diverse men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, interest in sewing remains unchanged. Many people simply take a great interest in needlework, and repair of clothes is still relevant. Therefore, the hardware store is open, the idea is promising and profitable.

Choosing a place to a sewing accessories shop

Sewing accessories do not take up much space. Therefore, at the initial stage, you can easily open a small pavilion with an area of 3-9 square meters. m. in a mall or kiosk on the market. If your financial possibilities are not limited, then you can rent a small room in the city center, where there are many pedestrian areas. The main thing is that there are no competitors near, but a studio or a fabric store in the neighborhood, on the contrary, will bring you benefits. On the way, people will come to you for accessories.

How To Open A Sewing Accessories Shop?

We form the range

You can open this business and sell an inexpensive product, or you can open a boutique with exclusive trifles for sewing: expensive rhinestones, designer buttons, zippers, and locks. The format of the store depends on the scale of the project and on the situation prevailing in the local market. For example, if in your chosen area there are already retail outlets with inexpensive fittings, then there is no point in opening a similar store, but positioning yourself in the premium class segment can bring good profits.

When forming the assortment, strive for maximum diversity, offer your customers products from both domestic and foreign manufacturers. At the same time, keep in mind that it is not easy to establish cooperation with suppliers of sewing accessories shop. But if you wish, you can find two or three responsible suppliers and establish mutually beneficial cooperation with them.

How To Open A Sewing Accessories Shop?

Store staff

To open a store in this area, you need to hire qualified personnel with a developed taste and style. In addition, sellers must understand the range, be able to combine the forms and textures. From this depends largely on the success of your project. The number of sellers depends on the area of the premises, at the rate of 1 seller per 10 square meters. m. square. If your store is self-service and the area of the sales area is not more than 20-30 square meters. m. it is enough to hire two or three sellers.

How To Open A Sewing Accessories Shop?

Business features of a sewing accessories shop

This type of activity is attractive because there are practically no risks. A little is needed for success: a good reputation, high level of service, a varied assortment and maintenance of stocks.

In addition, the guarantee of the success of the project will be the correct choice of the product range. At the initial stage, it is better to sell only accessories, as in this case you will spend less on the purchase of the first batch, and the mark-up on this product is much more than on fabric. Forming commodity items, be extremely careful, as a rule, buyers in hardware stores buy threads, zippers, buttons, beads, and more.

How To Open A Sewing Accessories Shop?

Universality is the key to success

Hardware store opens a very profitable idea for many reasons. In particular, due to the relatively low level of competition. Not many entrepreneurs manage to develop their business. In order not to repeat their mistakes, after the investment in the opening of the store will pay off, take the next step – towards universality. Expand the store area, add fabric to the assortment, and so on.

To promote the store can use Internet support. If you have your own website with store prices, you can achieve business profitability from 30-50 to 80-100%. On average, the payback period of the hardware store is quite large – 2-3 years.

The trade in sewing accessories is a profitable and promising business that does not require large investments at the start. The advantages include the simplicity of the launch of the project, the lack of fluctuations in demand depending on the season and the opportunity to occupy a niche.

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