How To Organize A Good Conference?

How to organize a good Conference

Self-development plays a huge role in the life of modern people. Master classes, seminars, thematic conferences are held daily. In a huge stream of proposals, people often sign up for many events and decide where to go, they take later. As a result, the organizers see empty halls. Why did it happen? A large number of events allow people to compare and choose. So how to make a good conference, which exactly comes to the visitors? Read about it in our article.

How to organize a good Conference

How to organize a good conference?

Set a goal. No matter how obvious this stage may be, the organizers often forget to ask themselves the main question: why am I doing a good conference? It is from this key goal that you need to build on all stages of the organization.

Here are a few options:

  • to attract customers;
  • to keep old ones, maintain their loyalty to the company;
  • to announce a new product;
  • for earnings.

It is important to remember that the second goal should always be to train the participants.

Calculate the budget. The goal will help you decide on the format. In order to attract new clients, free conferences are most often made. To understand whether the game is worth the candle, try to predict the effect of the event.

To earn at the good conference, you will have to especially try and calculate everything well. Can you hold an event in a trendy place, with popular speakers and a high level of organization? Then go ahead! For a full house, you need people to be on your site and buy tickets long before the event.

Determine the time and place. If the conference will be only for local residents, it is better to appoint it on a weekday. If nonresident or foreign guests arrive, it is more convenient to choose a day off. Experienced organizers do not advise starting a conference until 10-11 am.

It is necessary to take into account the interests of listeners and speakers: some may not wake up or not have time to get to the first performance at 9.00; the second may be very upset because of an empty hall. This is especially true of large cities. The choice of location should be approached taking into account the specifics of the good conference theme.

An event for mothers can be held in the children’s center, a conference on yoga in the open air, and a meeting of entrepreneurs in the conference hall of a reputable hotel. When choosing a location, immediately appreciate how people will get to it. Think over all the details in advance: coffee break, catering, technical equipment of the room.

How to organize a good Conference

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Heat interest. You need people to attend your conference so that the date is marked in red in their diaries. Make it so that even before the start of the conference was heard by the maximum number of people.

Social networks are well suited for promotion: create an event page, publish announcements, introduce speakers, give gifts from partners or repost tickets.

You can be seen with the help of other tools:

  • E-mail news about the conference;
  • Advertising;
  • Promotions with gifts from partners;
  • Call your customer base.

Correctly calculate the time of the program and not overload the listeners. The conference should be dynamic, informative, and most importantly – not boring. It is recommended that each section is made for 1.5-2 hours, and the speeches of the speakers are no longer than 40 minutes considering the questions. At the planning stage, put yourself in the shoes of visitors, consider their interests.

Remember that people need unloading: discuss what they hear, drink coffee, and get to know each other. Make a holiday out of your event for visitors – this will surely lead you to success.

Carefully select content. Not necessarily the speakers at your conference should be only star experts. It is enough to invite one or two well-known speakers and supplement the program with people who are familiar with the topic from the inside.

It is much more important to work out the reports themselves, in advance to request material from the speakers and get acquainted with it. The best conferences are held according to a single scenario when one report continues the other as if the visitors have the impression of reading a book.

Be everywhere. Your task is to keep under control all the stages of the organization of the conference. In order not to miss anything, it is better to divide the tasks among the team members. It is necessary to follow not only to ensure that visitors learn about the event and come to it but also for the speakers. It is necessary that all material and all technical aspects be thought out in advance.

How to organize a good Conference

Choose a team of like-minded people. How to hold a conference if you do not have a cohesive team? No, because this event directly depends on the people who make it. The purpose of the conference should be the same for all.

It is necessary that each stage be a continuation of the other so that all elements work as one. You must be sure that will answer all questions of visitors and partners through e-mail, even if all this information is on the site.

Before you come up with a conference, evaluate the relevance of the key topic. If she answers a question that interests the audience, proceed to the organization. If not, correct the topic. The popularity of various educational meetings is only growing, so you have a trump card – people’s interest in them. Careful organization and creativity will surely lead you to an excellent result.

In recent years, conferences devoted to the sphere of the Internet and high technologies have gained high popularity. This is due to the tremendous speed of development of these areas and the desire of the audience to be aware of the latest trends. A digital conference is a great way to announce your company.

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