Planning a tour for your band

Booking your band’s first is an exciting time and whether you’re just starting out or have been playing gigs for some time, make the whole process run a lot smoother by following these handy tips, so you can focus on the music!

  • Before you confirm any dates, why not think about gig swapping with other bands in different areas. Jump onto social media and find similar bands in different areas who might want to open for you and vice versa. It’s an easy and cost-effective way of enjoying a hometown crowd and building your presence in new areas.
  • Ask your fans and followers on social media to spread the word about your upcoming visit to their hometown. You can reward this free marketing by offering free tickets to the gig or some merchandise for example.
  • Contact local newspapers or radio stations in advance to let them know you’re coming and would be available for interviews. Offer some free tickets to the gig and you’ll be amazed at this can boost your profile.

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  • Think of having a cheap range of merchandise organised before you start your tour as it’s a great way to help pay for elements of being on the road.
  • Think carefully about your set list and the way the songs flow. You’ll want a good flow to keep interest, excitement and energy levels high during the performance.
  • Will you be booking everything by yourself or planning to use an agent and pay commission?
  • Where will you be playing? Do lots of research into the size, capacity and location of venues and narrow it down to which ones suit your band the best.
  • Which is the most economical route for your tour? If possible, try to put together dates and locations which can be travelled in a logical order.
  • Get your accounts in order before heading out. You’ll need to account for wages, accommodation, food and additional things like session musicians, crew members, roadies and transportation.
  • Working out what and how much equipment you’ll need is a major planning session, in itself. Will you require spares in case of technical problems? How will you be transporting your equipment? You’ll need space for all equipment, instruments and any merchandise.
  • Think about petrol costs, parking facilities and insurance if you have your own van. If you need to hire a van, think about Man and Van Slough. For more information, visit

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  • You’ll also want artwork and banners or backdrops for your performance. Remember that anything you have made up will need to be fireproof as this is a condition of venue hire.

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