POS-Systems For Business Automation

POS-Systems For Business Automation

Today, automation of cafes, restaurants and other similar institutions is not prestige, but an urgent need, without which it is difficult to imagine the development of a business. Owners of profitable establishments more than once confirmed the fact that the introduction of relevant systems allowed them to double their profits. The automation itself pays off as soon as possible – usually, it takes up to six months. Already many people could see that POS-systems for automation and other related equipment make the work more harmonious, transparent and systemic. The most important thing is to decide on the necessary Smart Touch solutions and quickly install specialized software on them.

POS-Systems For Business Automation

Tablets on Android OS

Tablets running on the Android operating system are used to accept customer orders and initiate an invoice print directly near the table. This kind of automation allows to significantly improve the quality and speed of customer service. There is a centralization of the work of waiters, the database is available online for employees.

Also in many institutions, applications are used that show menu and orders using built-in or table-mounted tablets. If we talk about the electronic menu, it is extremely easy to integrate with the accounting system. As a result, thanks to the tablets:

  • Automate sales in a cafe or restaurant.
  • The work for the waiters is simplified.
  • You can use the software for cash desks and warehouses.
  • Integration with PPOs, scanners, and printers of checks takes place.
  • It turns out to connect scales and cash boxes, which simplifies the workflow.

Docking stations, POS-systems

POS-systems are a stationary design equipped with connectors for electronic devices and allowing in the shortest possible time to transfer data, multimedia traffic and connect to power cables.

The docks themselves are specialized personal computers with built-in touch screens that have a high level of protection against dust and moisture. Among other things, they can work in a continuous mode. Usually, they are connected to such trading equipment as fiscal printers, devices for printing checks, a programmable keyboard, cash drawers and additional displays.

POS-systems facilitate the automation of the work of operators, cashiers, barmen, waiters, and also greatly accelerate the process of customer service in the sphere of services, catering, and trade.

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Check printers, portable printers

Many people know that printers of checks are being used in the trading area for quite a long period. They have proven themselves as irreplaceable assistants in business and significantly automate trade accounting. If you use accounting software and check printers, you will be able to track the products sold. Cashier checks allow you to analyze the activities of restaurants and cafes.

  • The analysis of the average check amount is carried out, which makes it possible to understand how much consumers spend on purchases.
  • The level of selling positions on the menu is recorded.
  • It shows how busy the cash departments and employees are.

Fiscal registrars for restaurants and trade

The purpose of fixation registrars is to maximize the full and accurate accounting of sales. Devices are needed to print receipts and reports, and also to keep the volume of goods sold. Fixed registrars perform functions that provide automation, namely:

  • Are able to take into account the private and general results.
  • Count the change.
  • Consider the amount of money.
  • Remove and pay off the registers with printing.
  • Calculate discounts.
  • Return, cancel the amount.

POS-Systems For Business Automation

Barcode scanners for POS

Barcode scanners for POS-systems are such devices, the main task of which is to read information about goods encrypted in barcodes that are applied to the product. Already a lot of people were able to make sure that scanning technologies are a real breakthrough because now employees do not need to manually enter data and spend a lot of time and resources on it.

When integrating the scanner with a tablet and a POS program, the following features are guaranteed:

  • Express inventory.
  • The output of reports on commodity codes.
  • Quick entry of products into the warehouse and cashier’s checks.

Wireless scales for sales and kitchen automation

As for the wireless scales for sales and kitchen automation, they are compact Bluetooth devices capable of weighing food and food. In the case of the device, there is a LED-display and several digits. Delays include buttons for zeroing, switching units of mass and counting prices for products. The mass readings are transmitted to the POS system via wireless communication.

POS-Systems For Business Automation

Stands for tablets

Stands for tablets are elegantly and reliably located on the surface, and they fix the tablet, which provides detailed information about the menu, discounts, and promotions. The anti-vandal, stable foundation is smoothly moving and allows the gadget to be used by both customers and staff.

Cash boxes for restaurants, cafes, shops, kiosks

Today, the vast majority of restaurants and cafes have cash boxes. Their main purpose is to keep cash in order and safety. Boxes for money are equipped with high-quality steel, ideal for storing all the contents because they include reliable walls and a lock. Thanks to convenient compartments for coins and notes, you can monitor revenue.

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Thus, in the case of installing all of the above equipment in a cafe or restaurant, full automation is guaranteed, which can attract an additional flow of customers who will certainly appreciate this kind of innovation.

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