Powerful personal brand building in five ways

In the modern business world, it’s essential to have a personal brand – which Jeff Bezos from Amazon once described as ‘what people say about you, once you’ve left the room’. So how exactly can you build your personal brand and help to further your career and reputation? These five tips will get you started.

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Know your endpoint

Before you begin developing your P-brand, you need to know exactly what you want people to think about when they think of you, and whether you plan to position yourself as a subject matter expert. For example, if you work for a professional web development company in London, you might want to be known for your coding and Agile skills or corporate app expertise.

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Create your own website

You need to be accessible and visible to your audience when you are building your personal brand. A website or blog is a great way to do this, as it helps you to become instantly visible online. It doesn’t need to be a fancy website – a well designed single page website is an ideal starting point. List your bio, achievements, expertise and the story behind your brand. Add fresh content to rank your page for your name.

Be visible

Make sure you are engaging with your audience at conferences, events and other face to face occasions, and be active on social media too. Social channels are ideal for instant connection and this powerful tool can win you new fans and followers. Share valuable information, opinions and input into trend discussions.

Build brand associations

If you want to create a strong personal brand, then make sure you align yourself with other key brands. Identify the brands which would boost your own and then connect with them to gain credibility and traction. An influencer in this field could become a brand ambassador for a large digital agency and become associated with their field and success. Once you have done this and you are confident with your brand maybe you could have a brand activation party with an Events Agency Dublin company which can be found at sites such as https://davisevents.ie/.

Be authentic

Remember to be yourself for that vital authenticity – and keep developing your personal brand to make it successful. A true, honest voice will win you an audience and ongoing content, effort, engagement and value will keep that audience with you and allow you to gain access to their own referral network.


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