Register LLC independently: simple and without problems.

Register LLC independently: simple and without problems.

In the business world, entrepreneurs often face such a choice as legalizing the legal status of their own business and giving it a certain legal form. The optimal solution will be LLC or Limited Liability Company. Consider such an important business for business, as the register LLC itself.

There are several options, how to do it in the best way and with minimal costs. In the design can be involved, as third parties (legal companies or hired lawyers), and can be registered on its own.

How to Register LLC independently

Registration of the company itself is not a simple procedure, but almost everyone can implement it, most importantly – having free time, attentiveness and desire. So how does this procedure look like?

Step one. The most creative and laying the foundation – the choice of brand name. The process of choice is simplified, if the business is narrowly focused, if not, then it will be necessary to make efforts. The task, which is in choosing a name, is to sound bright, capacious and solid.Register LLC independently: simple and without problems.

Step two. Choosing a legal address is an indispensable and important condition for such a responsible business as registering an LLC yourself. The address of the official location of the company gives not only the legal status of the organization but is also an essential element in the registration process.

Step three. The resolution of the issue of the amount of the authorized capital and the method of payment is fundamental since when submitting documents for official registration, documents confirming payment will be required, partially or completely. At the time of submission of the application for registration, the authorized capital is paid for at least fifty percent, and the remaining fifty are paid within one year from the date of registration with the state body.

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Step four. Preparation of the charter, approved by either one founder or several, if in LLC their number is more than one person. It is from the quantitative composition of the founders that a package of documents will depend on registration. If the founders are several, then the registration body must provide a memorandum of association, and, in addition, the minutes of the general meeting. If, in register LLC – the only founder, the decision to create. Mandatory for presentation and order on the appointment of the first leader. In addition, documents that certify the identity of the founder (s) and the first manager in copies are necessarily attached.

Step five. After determining the nuances of one’s own company, it is necessary to prepare an application for which there is a form specially established by law. In addition, it is submitted by the applicant personally and must be notarized. There is also a second way – sending by mail, but this is a more protracted way.

Step Six. Paying a fee is one of the necessary expenses, with such a complicated procedure as register LLC yourself. The receipt (its original) is compulsorily submitted with the remaining documents upon registration.

Step Seven. The delivery of a package of documents to the tax service (or the so-called IFNS). It remains to wait a week (from five to seven days) to obtain documents with the data required by the company (OGRN, TIN, extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the charter registered by the IFNS) and in fact, the company is ready for operation.Register LLC independently: simple and without problems.

Step eight. Develop a sketch of branded printing and apply for its production. This process also needs to be approached responsibly, since the seal is a reflection of the essence of the company, its design should be simple and sustained in strict tones.

Step the ninth. Receiving a letter from the statistics authorities, confirming that the company has assigned codes (OKVED and OKPO).

Step ten. Opening an account in any bank for payment transactions.

Step eleventh. Staging for appropriate accounting in specialized off-budget funds, which will have to interact regularly.

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As a result, the passage of such a multi-step procedure, like the register LLC independently, conducted correctly and in full, will allow us to start commercial activities as a business entity.


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