Retail customers want you to know these things

No matter what kind of business you run, every customer who walks through the door represents a potential sale and the chance of repeat custom and a referral or two. With this in mind, the old saying, “The customer is king”, makes a lot of sense. But how do you convert that first visit into a positive, shopping experience? It’s really not that difficult.

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1. They’re here for the experience, not just the product

Customers shop with you in a physical store only when you make the experience more enjoyable than shopping online. Anything and everything is cheaper online. So to make physical shopping a better deal, you have to add something in for free, and that thing is the experience. A positive shopping experience can mean many different things, depending on your business. In a hip clothes shop, it might mean cool wall graphics, pumping in store music and a conversation. In a bookshop, it might be a comfortable chair and an assistant that leaves you alone to read the first chapter in peace.

2. Exclusivity is not a thing they want to buy

While this might work for some high-end shops and artists, for everyone else, restricting access to your product is a big turn off. This could be intentionally through your personal desire to attract a certain type of clientele or unintentionally via limited payment options, lack of parking or irregular opening hours.

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3. They are happy to shop elsewhere

Just because they have set foot inside your shop once, it doesn’t mean you’re in a monogamous relationship. If the service they receive is rude, they’ll vote with their feet and their wallets. Being friendly to customers is the easiest thing in the world and being unfriendly, the biggest reason customers don’t return. Making your customers feel wanted and welcome is something companies such as do best. Picking the right tunes for your target audiences makes sure they stick around long enough to get what they came for.

4. Don’t try too hard

This conundrum is difficult for some businesses to get right. Customers want you to try to please them, but if your business appears to fall over itself to land them, they get suspicious. Getting the balance can be a challenge, but it can be done.

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