Rules for Meeting Financial Purposes for 2017

The year is over and if your finances are stable and know the importance of giving importance then 2017 will be a simple year, but if the other side has been made every year and are forgotten, it will be a challenge to be able to Meet next year.

Next year is a bit different from the past due to situations that have occurred in other countries that could affect the world economy, such as the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union and the winner of the election of The United States, that is why you must be prepared for what can come this year realizing your financial purposes.Rules for Meeting Financial Purposes for 20171

Follow these basic rules to have better finances in 2017

Make a budget

If you spent all last year without one, it’s still not too late to apply it in their habits. The budget helps you to know all the symptoms of sick finances and also teaches you the best medicine to improve them. It all depends on what kind of budget you want to make.

Make a fixed savings

must be removed from your mind the idea that saving is done only with the money you have as surplus. This may be one of the reasons why you have not been able to save anything. When making your budget you should include savings as one of the fixed expenses.

Pay your debts

Some release their financial burden always help you to meet other financial goals you may have. You can opt for two ways to get rid of your debts, start by covering the smallest or lowest interest to get rid of debts quickly and so everyone who sees small achievements may feel motivated to settle the other debts.

Another option is to start with debts with higher interests or higher debts trying to make contributions much higher than the minimum and thus pay part of the capital when you get to pay a large debt the feeling of achievement will be very rewarding.

Rules for Meeting Financial Purposes for 20172

Know your borrowing capacity

Knowing how much you can afford to spend and it is basic to not over borrow and to keep them in control. The best way to know this is to avoid that the monthly payment of your debts exceeds 30% of your income, once you spend you must control your expenses.


No more card

left Use of the card is recommended when the asset is acquired has a cycle much longer than the period in which the debt is being paid, if not spend life should probably reconsider.

Never choose the minimum

Paying the minimum card only prolongs the debt payment and interest. No one wants to keep paying to keep a debt, so do not commit to buying on credit unless you can pay the total.

Rules for Meeting Financial Purposes for 2017

No more impulse purchases

If people do not know the difference when a purchase by necessity a whim, do this simple exercise, before making a big purchase skip a day and if the next day is just as convinced Of making such purchase and has not found any disadvantages of waiting or buying it afterwards, then you can make such a purchase.

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