Saving Money In The Family And Ways Of Saving In Everyday Life

Saving Money In The Family And Ways Of Saving In Everyday Life

I wanted to talk about saving money. I constantly write about the ways of investing and getting passive income but did not write anything about how to spend money. I think that I do not often find myself in a situation where you do not try to save your salary, but you still do not have enough money. Someone prefers to save money and puts money into the bank, protecting themselves from unnecessary waste. There are also those who try to save by buying not expensive things and using products with expiring shelf life (on sales).

But there are a lot of saving recipes, which sometimes bring even more ruin, according to the saying “miser pays twice.” The spoiled food leads to illnesses and cheap clothes after a pair of washings becomes similar to rags. In most cases, you have to withdraw the deferred money from a bank card and then scold yourself for it. Saving money in everyday life is a very delicate process, in this article, we will talk about how to effectively use the money.Saving Money In The Family And Ways Of Saving In Everyday Life

So, you can save on at least such things as:

  • -Event
  • -House chemistry
  • -Household appliances
  • -Clothes
  • -Cash bills
  • -Transport

But one should never save on medical care and medicines, the economy should be economical, and not harmful to one’s own health.

Saving money for the family on food

Before going to the store make sure you make a list of necessary purchases. When I go to the store without a list, I always spend more money, while I forget what really needs to be bought, and this contributes to the next hike to the store, etc…

Saving money in the family on food is a separate matter. Of course, many know that often products with expiring shelf life are being sold cheaper, but buying them is not always advisable. Doctors do not recommend buying products that have less than one week left before expiration.Saving Money In The Family And Ways Of Saving In Everyday Life

When saving money on food, it is worth remembering that in hypermarkets you need to pay attention to the lower shelves and to the uppermost ones. So it is worth doing because, as merchandisers, the most expensive products are exhibited in the middle, according to the height of human growth. And cheaper goods are shifted down or to the very top.

Fresh meat and vegetables can be found cheaper in local markets, which are in every district of any city. Of course, someone does not like the crush, but to save money (the difference in prices can reach 50%), you can tolerate a little.

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Saving money in everyday life

When buying dishes, it is worth remembering the size of the burners, so that the diameter is not less, otherwise when cooking you will warm the air. If the diameter is too large, the heating will take longer, which is also often wasted. And it is worth choosing dishes with lids, in the cooking food faster.

Before you make a purchase, think again about whether you really need it. It is worth assessing how often it will be used. Or maybe your old thing can still perform the necessary functions. Do not think that you only need an imported product, domestic manufacturers are also able to produce a quality product. So, it’s worth paying attention to local products.Saving Money In The Family And Ways Of Saving In Everyday Life

When choosing household chemicals, it is worth remembering that not everything is true, what they say in advertising. Many mistresses no longer represent their lives without detergents, but when buying them, do not trust only the brand. The chemical composition in most means is almost the same, so you can choose a cheaper option, and if you do not like it, try another one. And not all dishes need to be washed with the help of tools, you can use ordinary baking soda, which is not so harmful to your body and your loved ones. Approximately the same thing can be applied to washing powder. By their quality, they are often almost identical. So, you should not buy a brand that often flashes on TV, it can be cheaper and of the same quality, but not so much advertised powder.

Savings should be economical

If you want to buy a new phone, then ask yourself what is the reason, if due to a breakdown – buy and do not hesitate, if just a new one is better and with more functions – think about whether this novelty will last long. Saving money in the family assumes the rule: you need to buy new equipment only when the old one finally broke down or its repair is more expensive than a new purchase. And the increased energy efficiency of the new model can also serve as a weighty reason for changing the technology.Saving Money In The Family And Ways Of Saving In Everyday Life

On utility bills to it is possible to save well, more often on water and the electric power. It is worth replacing the incandescent bulbs in the apartment for energy-saving. They cost a little more but pay off in a few months. The choice of energy-saving light bulbs needs to be approached carefully. Do not buy at a low price, low-quality energy-saving light bulbs serve no longer than usual. Also, it is worth remembering that the light should not burn just like that.

Savings on water consist of the installation of hot and cold water meters. Despite the fact that the installation in St. Petersburg costs about 10 thousand Dollars, the counters fend for one year.

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Apparently, put the topic of saving money in everyday life in one article will not work. I think that readers of the blog are waiting for a series of articles on the effective use of money. Taking this opportunity, I want to thank my girl for the basic knowledge in this topic. Thanks to her, I now invest and postpone more than 50% of my monthly income, while I absolutely do not deny myself anything. Here the main thing is to find the golden mean between proverbs “Miser pays twice” and “Economy should be economical”

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