Selecting the Right Office Fitout Company

Moving offices or refurbishing your existing space can be a stressful business. That’s why most people choose to get professionals in to do the job for them, but how do you go about choosing a company to design and fit your office?

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Plan Ahead

The first thing you need to do is plan your requirements. This needs to take account not just of what you intend to do and how many people you have but also of the appropriate rules and regulations. A good office fitout company will help you to carry out an appraisal to work out how much space your business will need. This should also take account of things like energy use so that you can work out the ongoing costs of your new office and ensure that you meet targets for sustainability.

Having done a full appraisal, they will usually come up with a scale floor plan showing how everything will fit together. Many companies now use software that allows them to present you with a 3D visualisation or walk-through of how the finished project will look. This helps you to get a more accurate idea of what the finished project will look like, and you can spot potential problems early.

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You need to ensure that the plan takes account of your connectivity needs. We increasingly rely on IT systems, so it’s vital that your network requirements are adequate and that you plan for future expansion. Opting for the latest technology – like fibre optic cabling – can help to future-proof your office.

Setting a Budget

Good office fit out companies such as Mobius will be able to present you with a fully costed scheme so that there should be no surprises when the job starts.

It’s important that the company you choose carries out a detailed survey before starting work. This will ensure that any potential problems like asbestos or old electrical installations are spotted early and can be addressed as part of the overall project.

When you are assessing office fitout providers, it’s important to look at what services they provide as part of their standard service and what you will need to pay extra for. This will allow you to compare their services on an equal basis and work out which will offer the best value for money.

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