Six Tips to Speed Up Conveyancing

Buying a home can be stressful when one is keen to complete. To increase the speed of your house move, follow our tips below on how to achieve quicker conveyancing.

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1. Shout About Your Requirements

Stay in close touch with your solicitor or conveyancer and be emphatic when broadcasting your needs. If another client is making a louder noise, they may be prioritised over you. The legal representative working with you needs to know loud and clear that speed is vitally important to you.

2. Liaise with All Parties

Stay in touch with the estate agent, legal adviser and seller. Little details can often be solved quickly between all these parties if you have established a good relationship. Legal intervention can sometimes make the process slower. Remember that anything agreed on might need to be incorporated in the legal agreement.

House buyers often find silence from their advisers disconcerting. If you ask your conveyancer to blind-copy you into all outgoing emails, this will keep you informed – enabling you to identify any issues early on – and will avoid the upsetting silence.

3. Upgrade

It’s possible to upgrade your Valuation Report, turning it into a Home Buyer’s Survey. This will save you time and money. Find out more from your lender.

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4. Get Organised

Sort out all your documentation and information and get your offer in principle organised early. Doing this can make for a smooth and quick process.

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5. Use a CQS Solicitor

Appoint a Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) solicitor. This Law Society scheme provides a quality standard for conveyancing practices. Registered conveyancers provide exceptional service.

In addition to CQS, keep an eye out for alternative accreditations such as Lexcel. These represent excellence and mean that you are well supported with advisers who are competent and can act quickly.

6. Keep Up Pressure

Be clear from the start that you want a quick move and that this is integral to the completion of the sale – nobody wants a sale to collapse.

Keep tabs on all parties and ensure that everyone is doing what they should be doing speedily. Similarly, make sure that you return calls and emails in a prompt and comprehensive manner and be contactable.

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