How to slash your city break costs

Everyone loves a city break but you need to know how to be savvy with your money. It means spending less but still getting the same enjoyment. Here we look at some great ways you can enjoy a city break at home or abroad without spending too much cash.

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According to the Guardian, Britons are no longer taking as many two week holidays and are taking more short breaks, thanks mainly to the prices offered by low-cost airlines. However, when you have paid your cheap airfare for your city break, you don’t want to arrive at your destination to find it is going to be an expensive weekend, even if the transport was cheap!


Eating out, especially when you are in a destination known for attracting tourists, can be expensive. There are some ways you can save money. These include discount vouchers for restaurants aimed at tourists and eating your main meal in the middle of the day. If you are staying in a hotel, then it is always worthwhile making sure you eat a good breakfast, then you can snack during the day as well as eating a meal at lunchtime.

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Things you can do for free

Most cities, whether at home or abroad, offer things you can do without it costing you a penny. In London, for example, all the museums and art galleries are free of charge (although charges may apply when there are special exhibitions on). If you find the Tourist Information office in the city you are visiting they will be able to advise you of things to do for free, including parks and free guided walks of the city. Or you can grab a map and do your own walk around the city which may take you to places you would not have discovered otherwise.


If you are opting for hotel accommodation, then choosing a deal that offers breakfast and free wi-fi, will help you to keep your costs down. Alternatively, it is possible to self-cater in a city which could keep down both accommodation and food costs. In Birmingham serviced apartments such as are an alternative to a traditional hotel.

Hopefully, this has shown that there are plenty of ways you can enjoy a city break without needing to break the bank!

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