How to Solve Unforeseen Workplace Issues

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As with any circumstance which brings numerous people together, there is the potential for unforeseen workplace issues which can create an unhealthy work environment for both employer and employee.

Whether you feel as if you have been unjustly treated, or whether you have a conflict with another employee, there are many different ways to resolve workplace conflict as calmly as possible.


Bullying is a common issue in the workplace, and this can be due to a number of reasons such as competition and discrimination. Bullying is defined as any regular action, either physical or emotional, which is intentionally performed to upset you. Bullying in the workplace can lead to low performance and poor mental health, making it vital for both the employer and employees to understand and be aware of.

Many employers hold quarterly one-to-one meetings during which you can discuss any conflicts you may have with other individuals at the workplace. If you do not feel comfortable speaking to your manager, you should ask your union for advice and they will suggest the correct actions relative to your situation through a safety representative, or help you to file a formal complaint.

Personal Injury

If you have an accident at work, your employer must file a report and pay you sick pay whilst you recover. If you have suffered an injury at work that was the fault of your employer, you can often claim compensation. If this ends in a dispute that goes to court, then this can put a great amount of financial and emotional strain on to you and your family, especially if you are not able to work due to your injury. In these cases, you should consider taking out a lawsuit loan near me, as this will ensure that you are able to gain the funds straight away to afford your lawsuit and everyday living.


With short deadlines and pressurized conditions, stress can be a large factor towards your mental well-being at work. Stress can decrease your productivity and your communication skills, reducing the positivity of your workplace environment. There are many different activities that you can undertake if you feel stressed at work. If you are stressed at work, you should build connections with your co-workers to build a stable support network on which you can rely – in fact, staying social at work can greatly reduce the amount of stress that you feel. If you would like the advice and guidance of someone outside of your workplace, you should consider seeking a counselor who can listen impartially to your concerns and give you tools with which you can help to reduce your stress levels when needed.

Unfair Dismissal

If you believe that you have been dismissed for an unfair reason, you are able to make a claim regardless of how long you have had your job or whether you are still in your probation period. Although you should at first attempt to settle your dispute under your employer’s disciplinary measures, this is not always effective.

If you do decide to take your case further, after the dismissal, you have three months to make a complaint to the Industrial Tribunal, who will look into your case and will usually provide you with compensation should you win.

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