The Core Benefits of a Membership Management Information System

A membership management system is ideal for clubs, companies and organizations with large numbers of members. It can improve efficiency, reduce paperwork, help create more successful marketing campaigns and improve your general administrative processes. Read on to discover the core benefits such a system.

The Core Benefits of a Membership Management Information System

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Membership management systems ultimately improve efficiency in any organisation. Because administrative tasks can be automated, it means the sending of information, requests, invites or news out to members will reduce the time your in-house staff need to spend contacting members. Unlike emails, it can be set up to send certain reminders automatically at various times, without the need for staff to go in and send the email or add the information. These can include yearly subscription reminders or appointment dates for individual members based on their last appointment.

Centralised Information

One of the key benefits of membership information software is that it holds all the information in one place. This is cleaner, more streamlined and easier to manage than paper copies or even spread sheets.

The Core Benefits of a Membership Management Information System2

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Personalised Marketing

As with any database, a membership management system, such as those developed by, saves data about members in a way that makes it easy to group them for different marketing purposes. Email marketing is generally broad and takes more manpower to operate in a customised manner – unless you have a management system that can do the work for you. A membership system can pick out all members who have overdue subs or all members who have a birthday in the next month, or perhaps all members who live in a certain area or are of a certain age or gender. This makes marketing more seamless and means you are only sending the right messages to the right people. Effective membership marketing is also thought to help grow loyalty amongst customers because of the way it can tailor deals, products and offers to individuals.

As you can see, this kind of software could make a big difference to your organisation, whether you run a large sports club, a charity or a membership association. Not only will you as the administrator or manager find it easier to handle information, receive subs and manage members generally, but members will find they receive a better, more personalised and more efficient service.

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