The Importance of Having Auto Insurance

If you have a car it is a privileged person that can reach your destination (home, work, recreation area, etc.) on your own in your time and with your own space. Knowing that this well is not accessible to all the population it is convenient that in addition to giving the right service ensure your car.

Why auto insurance?

Having insurance for your car not only guarantees you that this will be okay. But it will save you financial, financial, health and legal problems. These unforeseen events can occur at any time as accidents while driving around the city.dreamstime_xl_insurance


There are a lot of coverages, but this will depend on the insurance you choose and the institution:

  • Civil liability: Covers damages to third parties and medical expenses of occupants.
  • Travel assistance for people: Covers any difficulties you may experience during your trip.
  • Mechanical emergency: In case your car is necessary to move it with a crane, your insurance covers this situation.
  • Cover against shock: The damage that covers your car in case of crash or rollover, as long as it complies with detailed conditions such as driving sober, etc.
  • Partial Damage: In the event that any car or part of your car is stolen, insurance covers this incident. Rapine total loss.
  • Fire Partial Damage: When a part of your car is burned or damaged by fire.
  • Total Damage Fire: As its name says, in a case of incineration of your car.

Remember that each institution has packages or types of coverages that include certain types of policies. However, if there is one that is not included in the package, you can add it in your contract for an extra cost.

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Keep in mind that you should always cover a deductible, ie you must pay a certain percentage of the car damage. This is the percentage of the insured’s liability.


Your car and the insurer

An important part in the case of variation of the rate or deductible has to do with the brand of your car, the model, the year, the features, and taxes that it includes.

Incidents Your Car Insurance Does Not Protect

Now that you know the benefits that count in case your car is insured, it is also important to know the incidents that are outside the contract.

The Importance of Having Auto Insurance2

  • Damage with treachery: When you decide to cause damage to your car on purpose for whatever reason, your insurance fails to pay damages.
  • Theft of Trust: If you gave permission to someone in your complete confidence to use your car and it was not returned, insurance will not cover it.
  • An accident in a case of drunk driving: If you decide to drive your car in this state of irresponsibility, forget about your insurance.

Hire insurance that is convenient for you, but never forgets to read the small print. If you have questions about incidents that may happen, approach your agent and ask. Never be in doubt.

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