Three things to look for in a janitorial service

Finding the best Minneapolis cleaning services can be a hefty task given the number of services out there. However, if you consider a few factors during your search it should be easy. Think about the following three considerations when looking for your next janitorial service.

Quality staff

Ideally, your business will be cleaned by professional highly trained employees. Depending on the type of business you have, your professional cleaner may need specialized training and skills in order to preserve the environment. For example, laboratories and clean rooms may require specific cleaning products to be used or a particular cleaning process to be followed. You will want to guarantee that the cleaning staff is adequately trained to clean your specific type of building.

Photo gallery or reviews

Similar to employees getting annual performance reviews, janitorial companies are critiqued by current or former customers. Look for a photo gallery section on the company’s website in order to see the types of buildings they have experience cleaning. Also, look out for online reviews left by customers. If you are unable to find a photo gallery or customer reviews, ask a representative.

Customer service

To get an idea of how the company treats its customers, read about their philosophy on customer service. A reputable company typically publishes their take on customer service and how they incorporate it into everything they do. You can look for traits such as flexibility, integrity, and loyalty as being part of a company’s foundation to customer service. Offering things such as 24/7 service to accommodate your business hours is an example of great customer service.

Janitorial companies are physically inside of your business on a daily basis and they are tasked with keeping it clean according to the standards you provide. That being said, picking the right service to carry out this responsibility can seem daunting but you can simplify the task by considering these three things: make sure the staff is of high quality, look at online photo galleries or reviews and read the company’s philosophy on customer service.

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