Tips for Asking for A Salary Increase

This situation is somewhat delicate, and it seems difficult, but the key is to prepare before doing so since it is not a request either. Your eloquence and the way you communicate it will also have a great weight.

How to ask for a salary increase?

A lot of people do not dare to ask for an increase in income because they believe it will not be awarded. You have to dare to talk and overcome that fear, but before that, you need to know how to handle this situation.Career concept. Man is comparing his income with average wage.

Lean on your results

The first mistake of employees who come to ask for a raise is not to show their results in a qualitative way. You must justify your request.

Be aware of your added value

An increase in salary is given to people who always seek to improve in their area and of their place in the personal plane, that is to say, those employees who are in constant training, who do not comply with reaching the goals that they request but seek to bring something extra.

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Choose the Right Time

The moment you decide to ask for your salary increase is very important before you decide to request a meeting with your superiors you must make sure that the company is not experiencing any critical situation.

After this, you should know that the mood in which your boss is at the moment is key to receiving a positive or negative response to your demand. In addition to the above, you should not be under any pressure.

Present clearly

When you are going to ask for your raise, think about how you are going to present your boss with a new project and do the same: an action plan, showing the qualities, and the most outstanding achievements.

Tips for Asking for A Salary Increase1

Focus on you

Do not make the mistake of comparing yourself to anyone else, even if this can “improve your image” in front of the boss, focus on you and your boss will do the same.

Go with your boss directly

Respect the scale of hierarchies in your company, otherwise, it could be counterproductive. In addition, his direct boss is the one who is certain to see him work and has seen his evolution within his area.

Tips for Asking for A Salary Increase

And if you get a negative result …

If after having followed the previous steps in the best way did not obtain a positive result, it is convenient to ask the reasons, in a calm way without being exalted or with a tone that may seem rough.

If there is a reason why you cannot be granted a salary increase, propose another type of benefit or set a new appointment. If it is due to the way you perform, make clear your areas of opportunity and improve them.

You must take into account the way your company is organized and what the compensation scheme is, so you can approach the area of human resources. This way you can better organize your long and short term goals.

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