Tracy Luttrell Rules the Cosmetology Industry

Have you ever wondered what cosmetologist does everyday? Any idea how much they make in a day? Well, if you have a good position then you are sure to make it big in the cosmetology world.

Tracy Luttrell in St Louis is also a noted figure in the cosmetology industry. She teaches all of HCHS’s Cosmetology sessions and these sessions include Principles of Cosmetology, Chemistry of Cosmetology, as well as Design Principles of Cosmetology.

Now, for those who don’t have much idea about cosmetology, you need to first understand what this domain actually is. Cosmetologists’ help clients alter or modernize their physical appearance. Generally, most of them focus on cutting, coloring as well as styling hair. Besides, there are some who specialize in fields like skincare or nails. Moreover, all specialists as well as cosmetologists need to take a training program to qualify for state licensing examination. These programs usually take 9-12 months to get complete; however, there are specialist programs which can be accomplished in approximately six months.


In the beauty domain, a cosmetologist is something beyond a hairstylist. You can call them as people who have come up with emerging hair and beauty techniques. Moreover, they play a pivotal role in transforming simple clients to a spectacular being. Many a times, cosmetologists have also been termed as beauticians, but then their job isn’t restricted to hairstyling alone. Rather, their job descriptions may also engage pedicures, manicures as well as nail services. A good example of these cosmetologists would be Tracy Luttrell who holds a sound knowledge in the field of aesthetics. Moreover, there is also a section of cosmetology that largely emphasizes on skin care as well as services like wraps, extractions and facials. In fact, in some states they need a license for performing these services.

Why their role is a challenging one?

If you want to be successful like Tracy Luttrell in St. Louis, then you need to take up some real challenges. For instance, your real challenge lies in maintaining a safe and clean sanitary salon that is well armed with world class facilities. Some of the aptitudes, abilities and skills of a cosmetologist are as follows:

Improved communication
Enhanced consultation
Creative bent for a superb design
What are the educational requirements to become a cosmetologist?

Required Education: Postsecondary training session
Other Requirements: State licensure
Estimated Job Growth (2012-2022): 13% for hairstylists, hairdressers, and cosmetologists
Median Yearly Salary (2013): $23,140 for hairstylists, hairdressers, and cosmetologists
What if you want to be a specialist like Tracy Luttrell?

Students may decide to specialize in individual cosmetology domains. Estheticians, or skincare professionals, choose courses which cover body wraps, facial treatments, skincare chemicals as well as body hair removal processes. Nail technicians, also referred to as manicurists, choose coursework, which covers artificial nails pedicures, manicures, nail color treatments as well as nail diseases. Specialist programs generally need approximately 600 hours of coursework.

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