Trends in Public Relations

From artificial intelligence to ethics and diversity: current and future trends in PR are set to include the following:

AI is still a while away

It is almost impossible to avoid the subject of AI in any industry, with the PR sector being no exception. It seems that every article focusing on PR trends published last year had some mention of AI and how it will affect the comms sector. There is, however, still lack a clear understanding of exactly how it will impact on the future of the profession and, with this in mind, it is unlikely we will see widespread adoption of AI-based applications this year.

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PR Professionals will be multi-skilled

The lines between public relations, marketing and advertising blur. In 2019, as many brands have been reviewing their budget for PR, marketing and advertising, and client briefs are becoming more diverse, three of these disciplines will become more closely intertwined. PR professionals today have become ambassadors for brands, experts in social media, spotters of trends and involved in content marketing and this is expected to continue. We will see more and more companies rebrand into an integrated body, which offers services beyond traditional PR. For a forward-thinking Cheltenham PR Agency, visit a site like

Importance of influencer marketing

This year, PR met influencer marketing. The emergence of social influencers, especially on Instagram, means PR professionals will begin to integrate these increasingly common tactics into their own programs. PR professionals are in a perfect position to build relationships with major influencers on social networks, with the aim of fostering partnerships to assist directly access a specific target audience.

Confidence in media will continue to decrease

Reduced consumer confidence in the media has been part of the industry conversation for a while now. But what exactly does this mean for PR practitioners? As a starting point, we have a role to play in ensuring that the stories we give to journalists are not only powerful, accurate and relevant, but also supported by leading statistics, expert opinions and solid facts.

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Storytelling will remain a priority

The digital age has brought significant changes to the practice of public relations as consumer attention becomes shorter and the desire to update again soon threatens in depth narrative depth. However, the very essence of PR is still very much about the story. Write a press release and push out the media for the sake of it will not cut it, the misunderstood story is unlikely to get a lot of pick-up. With a decline in consumer confidence and false news frenzy increases, the story element of PR will be more important than ever.

In addition, as new and emerging devices, such as VR consoles, go mainstream, the industry will also need to understand how it could develop an interesting and persuasive narrative that fits into the new content format.

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