Try these four website design tips to boost conversions

You may be absolutely delighted with the look and feel of your business website; however, if it is not delighting your visitors, it simply is not doing its job.

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We have identified four top website design tips that could significantly boost your conversion rates. If you feel that your website could be providing a better ROI, you might just benefit from checking that you have these features in place.

1 Responsive design

Always check your website using a range of devices, operating systems and browsers to make sure that visitors can browse your web pages without encountering problems with display or formatting.

According to a recent Forbes article, one of the most important aspects of a responsive website is that it offers your customers a completely seamless experience, no matter which device they use to access your site. Keeping your web visitors onside is very important, particularly on their first visit to your site, so strive to exceed their expectations at every turn.

2 Clear calls to action

Your calls to action (CTAs) should be clear and easy to find, preferably above the fold, so that visitors don’t have to search for them. Everything about your website’s content and structure should be focussed on encouraging the visitor to engage with your site, which can only be achieved when the visitor’s journey is clearly signposted.

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3 Make good use of negative space

A key consideration when creating a web page is the amount of negative – or empty – space it contains. Tempting though it may be to fill every inch of the page with content and images, having plenty of empty space between elements is key to encouraging your visitors to remain on the page long enough to complete an interaction with the site. This is something that good web design teams such as instinctively understand. When you are looking for a good website design company Gloucester, Godalming and Glastonbury can all offer options, but make sure you chose a company with a proven track record for the best results.

4. Avoid stock images

Presenting your website visitors with generic images they have seen a hundred times before won’t help to promote that your brand is trustworthy. Select images and graphics that really capture your visitors’ imagination and see the difference this makes.

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