Turn a failing pub around with these tips

Pubs have been having a hard time of it in recent years, with many of them losing trade and even being forced to close down. Yet, pubs are a great British institution, and with the right management can still thrive in any community. Here are some essential tips to increase the fortunes of any failing pub.

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Organise events

If you want to get punters through the door, give them a reason to visit your pub. Create a varied and interesting calendar of events, including everything from quiz nights, to live music, competitions and an area where customers can watch the latest sports fixtures on screen. Tailor events to suit your clientele. According to Simply Business if you have games tables, think about running a tournament and if you have outdoor space, run a market or fair. Make punters feel welcome to encourage them in.

A clean and tidy appearance

To boost customer numbers, a welcoming appearance is essential, and keeping your pub well-maintained is vital to achieve this aim. Keep the bar area tidy and don’t let empty glasses pile up. Make regular inspections of the washroom facilities. Importantly, pay attention to your outside areas as these create that all-important first impression that customers rely on to decide whether to visit your pub or not. Give tired areas a lick of paint and install hanging baskets with colourful blooms. Make sure your staff are well presented, too, and adopt a uniform policy to keep dress codes smart.

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Engage with customers

If you’re losing custom, find out why. Engage with customers to understand what they like about your pub, or how it could be improved. Read reviews online and use feedback to your advantage. Perhaps customers would appreciate a wider choice of drinks, or faster serving times, in which case you might want to revamp the menu or invest in post mix equipment, such as from https://empireuk.com/post-mix-equipment/. If some customers come to your pub for business meetings, make sure free WiFi is a feature.

Market your pub

Increase awareness of your offering by marketing your establishment. This could be as simple as placing an A board outside with a list of daily specials, or a 2-for-1 offer at quieter times, for instance, or you could advertise in your local paper or online through social media sites.

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