Vital Pallet Racking Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Pallet racking doesn’t come with a how-to guide, so many warehouse owners wind up making mistakes in order to learn how to install and maintain their racking correctly. However, to save you the time, here are some of the things you should not be doing in relation to your pallet racking.


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1. Failing to repair damaged racking in a reasonable timeframe

Even if it only looks like minimal damage or deterioration, any kind of damage to racking will weaken the construction and greatly reduce its load bearing capacity. If you’ve recently purchased used pallet racking for your warehouse, be sure to check that there are no signs of significant wear (although most professional pallet racking manufacturers providing used pallet racking should have checked the structures prior to the sale). Whether you have obvious physical damage or you simply have a broken bolt, the racking should be replaced immediately for the safety of your warehouse staff, stock and equipment.

If you want guidelines on maintaining your pallet racking, you can consult the Health and Security Executive webpages which provide further information for warehouse owners.

2. Having a disregard for the correct spec pallets in relation to your requirements

During the planning phase, it is very important to be certain of the size and weight of the pallets your require. When requesting a quote from a pallet racking manufacturer like Duffy Discount (, don’t be afraid to discuss and ask questions relating to your needs. As professionals in their field, they can advise on the best product to fit in with your space/height/load capacity requirements and confirm whether a bolted or welded system is most suitable for your space.

3. Thinking that pallet racking isn’t suitable for small warehouses

Most pallet racking manufacturers will be able to provide pallet racking to fit in with any specification, no matter how big or small the warehouse space is. Small storage environments may have just as much need for a suitable pallet racking system as a huge commercial space, but the key is to make the racking effective for you. Specialist racking can usually be provided for those with extra special requirements. These include tyre and exhaust racking for the mechanics industry, as well as carpet racking and archive racking, to name but a few.

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