What is a Content Management System?

Have you heard the term CMS but not sure what it means? In digital speak, a CMS or Content Management System is often a web-based application that allows users to manage data, information and content on a website. This could mean editing, creating information, reporting or archiving any details that sit on your website. Essentially, it’s a graphic user interface that makes dealing with a website’s data much easier. So, how does a CMS actually work and how do you go about making changes to your site?

There are a huge number of CMS choices including WordPress and Drupal. Each variation will work differently, with various settings for admin control and permission levels. To contact a Drupal Design Agency, visit https://www.website-express.co.uk/.The whole point of a CMS is for a user to be able to amend and manipulate the database found within the site, without having to understand coding or the technical stuff about how databases work. This is why the graphic user interface (GUI) is so important. Every time you tweet someone or friend someone on Facebook, you are interacting with their databases via their GUI.

Ever heard anyone talk about the WYSIWYG? No, it’s not one of Harry Potter’s magic spells, but stands for ‘What you see is what you get’. This is one of the most user-friendly aspects of a CMS system as it allows you to change HTML is the text area without the need to know how to code. Such a program allows a user with little technical knowledge to change text layouts without worrying about styles or tags. The text is saved in a ‘text’ database row cell and added to a page when referenced.

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As you can see, there are many benefits to using a CMS. A CMS needs to install on a hosting account and will contain some ‘pre-built’ sections like pages for content, blog posts and events. With these modules already in place, all the user need do is create the content to fill them.

For example, when you want to write a new blog post, all you need do is click the ‘compose new blog’ tab and you’ll be redirected to a page which is a web form with an easy-to-use interface. You fill in what you want to write about, click ‘post’ and this web form is submitted to the site’s database. The part that the public see is always in communication with the server, and will simply pull down the updated table rows to display the fresh content as you want it to be seen.

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