What is Legal Marketing?

What is Legal Marketing?

What is Legal Marketing? Perhaps it is more useful to us before we begin to define it in a technical way, presenting it as that which will allow us to reach many people with a minimum investment.

It’s true, I’m not exaggerating. We are in an era in which all sectors are evolving or have already evolved towards a digital reality, fully accepting the new technologies, the Internet and social networks under their banners and operations.

Advocacy, in that sense, is no exception. The legal sector is immersed in a process of modernization that allows abandoning the traditional model of the law firm, in a market, the legal one, very competitive and with the presence of new challenges. Lawyers increasingly need to know and use their own techniques of business management.

This is where marketing comes into play, which will turn out to be a piece of vital importance, as in any professional services company.What is Legal Marketing?

It is necessary to indicate that, traditionally, law firms have tended to ignore marketing because they assimilated it to a type or form of advertising or commercial activity while considering their own service as the best form of marketing. That is, the belief that if the legal services offered were of quality, the marketing was unnecessary.

Recall that one of the greatest challenges of law firms in the recruitment of clients. It will not help us to be great legal professionals, with a great capacity to defend the interests of our clients if those clients do not arrive or it will be very difficult to put our knowledge and our legal expertise into practice.

The legal marketing means not only generate value in your office but offer it, show it to potential customers. We can consider it as the link that your law firm will have with the client market, a legal market that today has an increasingly more extensive range of legal services.

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How can we then define legal marketing?

We can define legal marketing as the combination of techniques, tools, and strategies that are aimed at presenting our services and their added value to the set of potential clients of our firm.

It includes aspects such as the definition and selection of our target customers, position our firm, develop and promote our brand image, focus our services, offer useful content to our customers, loyalty and communicate with them.

The legal marketing should affect all areas of the firm, not only commercial and applies regardless of the size of our office.

It allows the qualities that differentiate us from competitors to be known and recognized by our customers. It does not just promote or advertise our office, but to make ourselves known, to differentiate ourselves in a positive way to our competitors, while we strengthen and build an image solid for our firm.

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Obviously, the application of a legal marketing strategy should always be based on technical knowledge and legal expertise.What is Legal Marketing?

What is the objective of using legal marketing?

  • It allows the qualities that differentiate us from competitors to be known and recognized by our target customers.
  • It is not just about promoting our office or advertising, but about making ourselves known, of differentiating ourselves in a positive way from our competitors, at the same time that we build and strengthen a solid brand image for our firm.
  • The application of a legal marketing strategy should always be based on technical knowledge and legal expertise.

What elements make up legal marketing?

There are multiple elements involved in the development and application of a legal marketing strategy, but from a broad point of view we can separate them into:

  • Those that directly affect the management, evolution, and development of our business, such as market and competition studies, customer acquisition and loyalty strategies, the implementation and use of CRM systems to manage relationships with our customers, etc.
  • Those that directly affect the communication of our firm. This is both within it and abroad, in order to transmit and show the market and our target customers both the services we provide and the added value they have, including here the website of our firm, all kinds of actions to generate content, blog, social networks, brand image, etc.What is Legal Marketing?


In short, we can say that the essential purpose of legal marketing is the recruitment and customer loyalty, seeking to offer and show the elements that differentiate our office or legal services offer from the competition and build a strong brand image of the firm of lawyers.

This will help our potential customers receive at the time of deciding or not to hire our services, a guarantee of quality and added value, avoiding, among other things, that the only criterion of choice is the price of them.

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