What you Should Know Before Getting a Credit Card

This method of payment certainly makes life a lot easier for most people, but just as it makes life easier, it also facilitates borrowing, promotes shopping for whims and impulses, and puts your personal finances in a bad position.

The temptation comes very easily into our lives, probably had a very difficult week, has seen an advertisement with a movie star wearing shoes that would look great with his dress or pants, has been so stressed that going party could not use Not bad, but on top of all those wishes, you do not have the money to finance it, however you have a credit card, you. What would you do? To avoid falling into these temptations, read the following points.

Why not get a credit card

Self – Control

When you purchase credit can very easily lose control of what is spent. The worst thing that could happen to your finances is that you end up making impulsive spending.

You can get out of your budget

if you do not have one can be much more dangerous, but still, have a budget and have a card can make your expenditures are not recorded and excited in spending, it is not until the end of the month when Receives your statement and checks all those times the card is passed.

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Interest rates

Remember that you are using money that does not have and therefore must pay high-interest rates, in fact, the highest rates of handling credit cards. In case you do not get to meet the payments the interest becomes much higher and difficult to pay.

Enter the clearing

Stop paying you will enter the clearing which can shut him many other doors will begin to charge more interest and may no longer have access to other loans or credits that could be useful for their future.

Would you be willing to lose access to a mortgage loan for being late in paying the credit card for the gifts you bought for Christmas? It sounds very extreme but it is the situation of many people.


Family problems

Many couples often break due to financial problems. The family budget and finances as a couple should be discussed openly, and not having good management with the cards can negatively affect the relationship with your family.

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It can lead to bankruptcy

finance your life with a credit card without a plan to cover payments and deal with debts, you can very easily end up in bankruptcy. It will not be prepared for unforeseen events or any situation that may arise, this being only the beginning of a major financial problem.

No debts will give you peace of mind

should not worry about paying on time to avoid interest, to separate money or manage all debts, will have a life where you can enjoy your money in a controlled and managed way and each end Of the month should not have headaches.

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